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The Importance of Cleaning up Your Fireplace after Winter

Spring brings a slew of new and exciting opportunities. Others are looking forward to the start of the baseball season, while others are just looking forward to spending more time outside without the burden of a thick winter coat. Whatever your plans for the holiday season, one thing is sure: if you have a fireplace, […]

4 Creative Ideas for Landscaping That Beautify Your Home

Intelligent landscape design is essential for creating an outdoor sanctuary, whether you have a small courtyard in the city or a sprawling rural estate. This involves selecting plants, trees, and other landscaping objects that please your aesthetic senses and serve a practical purpose in making your garden or backyard space easy to use, attractive, productive, […]

4 Major Ways to Effectively Repair Your Chimney in Winter

Winter chimney repair is tricky. The mortar compounds that hold bricks together don’t set up in cold weather as well as in warm weather. If your chimney has significant brick damage and needs partial or complete rebuilding, you’ll need a lot of mortar. Another challenge with repairing chimneys during the cold months is that frozen […]

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know about Chimney Repointing

Chimneys play integral roles in many homes’ ventilation systems. After all, the chimney is the part of the house where fireplace smoke and gasses pass through. Unfortunately, chimneys don’t receive the love they deserve from most homeowners, many believing they don’t require care and maintenance. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case. Like other parts […]

How to Take Care of Bricks and Make Them Last for Years

Bricks can last for decades. It’s one of the reasons they’re among the most popular building materials. Whether for walls or for pavements, any masonry company in Toronto will tell you that bricks are a good choice, whether for walls or for pavements. That said, they do come with their setbacks. Bricks can get marred […]

5 Things You Need to Consider When It Comes to Tuckpointing

5 Things You Need to Consider When It Comes to Tuckpointing Brick, stone, or block can survive for up to a century. The mortar joints typically endure 20 to 30 years, depending on their exposure to various environmental conditions. Tuckpointing is one of the most prevalent types of mending at the moment. If you notice […]

Look Out for These Chimney Repair Warning Signs

Look Out for These Chimney Repair Warning Signs While a chimney is a strong and safe structure, it’s worth noting that everything ages inside your home. This means that repairs are due now and then as problems arise due to usage. With that said, a damaged chimney should be repaired as soon as possible. Read […]

Different Ways Winter Affects Your Masonry Chimney

Bricks and mortar on the exterior of a well-built stone chimney will progressively succumb to weather-related damage as it ages. Not only do older masonry chimneys deteriorate with age, but even newer masonry chimneys can be damaged if they are not adequately cared for and maintained. Unfortunately, spalling is linked to all symptoms and signs […]

Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Your Chimney

Your chimney is an exhaust system that prevents heat, moisture, and smells from entering your home. Because of this, it sometimes gets sooty and must be cleaned regularly. Here are some of the important reasons you should keep your chimney clean: Safety A dirty chimney full of soot can be a serious fire hazard. The […]