Our Services

Tuck Pointing

Over time the mortar joints between the bricks, block or stone on your home will deteriorate. Red Robin Masonry has extensive knowledge to know the best type of mortar to use in every situation.


With regular exposure to rain, wind, snow, and severe temperatures your chimney is one of the more vulnerable components of your home’s exterior. The bricks and mortar on a chimney will often deteriorate before any other part of your home.  An unstable chimney can pose a very serious safety risk to your family.  It’s best to try and address any repairs to your chimney as soon as you have recognized a problem.

Common chimney repairs include tuck pointing, replacing/installing chimney caps, flue tile replacement, animal guard installation, and completely rebuilding the chimney.  All chimney repairs are done in compliance with current building and safety codes.


Parging is the process of coating the exterior walls of a foundation with a protective coat of cement. Certain foundations require specific treatment.   You can put your trust in Red Robin to complete your parge with care and precision.   Not only will your foundation benefit from the additional protection; but the overall esthetic of your house will significantly improve.

Brick Work

We specialize in brick restoration and new construction. Our services include brick replacement, door and window resizing, pillar rebuilds, refacing exterior walls and much more.  Part of the job involves finding a brick to match an existing home or building.
With our expertise we guarantee that we will find the closest possible match for buildings of any age.  With years of experience we have gained extensive knowledge of all brick types.

Stone Work

We’re equipped to help with entire houses, retaining walls, window sills, wall copings, and fireplaces. This involves either natural stone or veneer stone.

Natural stone work is one of the most difficult sub-trades of masonry. It involves attention to detail and knowledge of how to arrange the stone to achieve the perfect esthetic. Red Robin Masonry has many years of experience with all types of stone.


When building an addition or a new structure one of the first steps is the construction of the footings and foundation.  More often than not foundations are designed to be built using concrete blocks.  A strong and level foundation is critical.  A poorly built foundation will have severely negative impacts on almost every other aspect of the construction process.  A home is only as good as the foundation on which it stands.  With our strong knowledge in building code and experience we’re equipped to get your project started on the right foot.

Custom Homes

Throughout the GTA we’ve helped a number of clients create their dream homes.  Our projects often include brick, stone, precast, and thin slice veneers.  Whether it’s a custom built house from the ground up or an existing home in the midst of a renovation we’re here to help.  We work closely with homeowners and contractors to provide picture perfect exteriors.


Nothing does more for the curb appeal of your home than a flagstone patio or walkway.  We deal with all designs and stone types.  In many cases flagstone can be applied to old concrete patios and walkways to create a fresh look.  Flagstone comes in a wide assortment of colours that will provide a great match for every home.


We offer services for both the interior and exterior of your property. This includes basement floors, walkways, patios, stairs and more. Concrete can provide practical and decorative solutions.  No matter how intricate, we can satisfy your needs.  Our team will work with you to identify a design that works perfectly for your property.