Tuck Pointing

Over time the mortar joints between the bricks, block or stone on your home will deteriorate. This is often a result of the weather, particularly where we have extreme seasonal temperature changes. Neglecting deteriorated mortar joints can lead to larger problems such as deteriorating bricks or even loosening bricks.

Removing the old mortar and applying new mortar to reinforce deteriorated joints is called tuck pointing. This can involve doing the complete wall, spot repairs or step cracks. Depending on the type of material and situation, there are different types of mortar that should be used. Red Robin Masonry has extensive knowledge to know the best type of mortar to use in every situation.

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee quality. All of Red Robin’s work comes with a full warranty. All repairs stemming from natural damage come free of charge.

“Hired Red Robin to repair our crumbling bricks around the back patio. They delivered exactly what they promised, when they promised it, and at the quoted price. I should also mention the finished product looks great and is standing up to our cold winters. Can’t really ask for more than that. Overall I found the whole experience a positive one. I’ve recommended them to friends and families in the area. Red Robin isn’t just a safe bets its a good one. Keep it up guys.”

Joe, Toronto

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