3 Common Chimney Problems and Ways to Deal with Them

A fireplace is an essential component of any house found in regions that experience frigid weather. Toronto homes, for example, typically have fireplaces built into them. If your home is the same, you likely have a chimney as well.

It may not seem obvious to most, but chimneys are as important as other fixtures in a house. After all, it helps remove any smoke a fireplace produces. Without the chimney, smoke particles, fire embers, and soot may cling to a room, leaving it uninhabitable.

Given the chimney’s role, it’s only reasonable that you take great care in maintaining it or having it maintained throughout the year. Companies that offer chimney repair services are likely to provide maintenance and cleaning as well.

If you don’t have the time to contact a professional, it’s best that you keep in mind some of the problems your chimney may encounter over the years.

1. Obstructions

You can find a part of the chimney in the exterior of your home, so it’s not surprising that it’s susceptible to the weather and other outside elements, like birds and squirrels.

If not minded correctly, your chimney may become obstructed over time. There are several reasons this happens, such as bird’s nests or leaves falling into the chimney or soot building up after a lack of cleaning.

Regardless of the reason, chimney obstruction will cause further problems for you. The most pressing will be toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide entering your home.

As much as possible, contact someone that offers professional chimney repair services to help you save time and money.

2. Unwanted Inhabitants

Aside from inanimate obstructions, your chimney may also start housing live critters if left unattended. Such a thing often happens when it’s nearing the colder months, considering that animals will find warm places to seek shelter.

To prevent unwanted inhabitants and the subsequent obstructions that they bring, you need to invest in a chimney cap if you haven’t yet. If your chimney has one, but it’s not functioning correctly, then contact a professional that specializes in chimney repair services to get it fixed.

It’s tempting to DIY it yourself, especially since there are chimney caps available in home depots. However, working with a proper technician will ensure that the chimney cap is high quality and undergoes correct installation.

3. Stacking

Another chimney problem you may encounter is stacking.

Stacking is a problem that results from the stack effect, which happens when warm air exits the chimney. As a result, it leaves the cold air to replace it. The cold air makes it impossible for the next batch of warm air from the fireplace to escape through the chimney.

There’s an easy fix to stacking: light a piece of paper and place it near the open damper. After a few seconds, the cold air should leave. Depending on the state of your chimney, you may need to do this several times before you can use the fireplace.

Final Thoughts

The chimney is exposed to external elements all year round, making it no surprise that it’s one of the most vulnerable pieces of your home. Without proper care and maintenance, you’ll likely find yourself with a subpar chimney or, worse, a dysfunctional one.

To prevent such a thing from happening, you’ll need to invest time (and most likely, funds) into the care of your chimney. If you’re looking for professional chimney repair services in Toronto, do consider Red Robin Masonry. We offer various masonry services, including ones that have to do with fireplaces and chimneys. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more about our offerings!

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