3 Factors to Consider in Designing Your Stone Fireplace

A stone fireplace can significantly enhance your home’s interior aesthetic, for it radiates a rustic elegance while keeping your space warm and comfortable. If you have a stone fireplace at home, it will serve as the focal point of any room—it’s a work of art on its own, with a magnificent decorative element!

Designing your stone fireplace can help it look even more stunning. You may use either modern or classic design ideas or even paint it over with your colours of choice. If you are having trouble thinking up ideas on how you can remodel your fireplace, this article is for you.

To help you get started with designing your stone fireplace, here are three essential factors that you should consider. 


  1. The Color and Style of Stone Trims

To begin designing your stone fireplace, you must select its overall style and specific colours. Consider adding keystones and other stone trim. There are several kinds of stones to choose from, and your final design depends largely on your preferred aesthetic and fireplace functionality. 

If you are having trouble choosing the right colour and style, or you’re wondering about stone trim, you can visit fireplace showrooms to get an idea of how the final product will look. As you look through the examples, you will indeed arrive at design decisions much more quickly. You can bring home sample boards so you can visualize your future fireplace.

Remember, your design choices should suit your interior aesthetic! Take as much time as you need when choosing these elements to create the most beautiful fireplace for your home.


  1. The Type of Mantel

When designing your fireplace, you have to decide whether or not to include a mantel. If you choose to have one, you may contact any masonry company in Toronto as they will provide you with the best mantel works for stone fireplaces.

If you want a mantel along with your fireplace, your design should be based on your stone choice. After all, the overall structure should be as harmonious as possible. The mantel will be installed in conjunction with stone veneers. Professional stone workers in Toronto can help you with mantel installation, too. 


  1. The Hearthstone Design

One of the last steps in the design process is choosing between manufactured or natural stone veneers. Manufactured stone is much more cost-effective than natural stone. But if you want something to make your place more gorgeous with a more significant impact, natural stone veneers are a fantastic investment!

Hearthstones typically complement stone veneers, so you should also choose your preferred design. You should make sure that your hearthstone looks as good as your stone veneer, and their individual designs go well together.


Final Thoughts

When designing your fireplace, you should think about these three essential factors. Moreover, make sure that you consider the effects of installing any material on the overall atmosphere of your area. If you feel like you’re floundering, you don’t have to go through the process on your own! You can seek help from professionals that provide home restoration services in Toronto.

To get the best design for your stone fireplace, work with Red Robin Masonry, an experienced and reliable masonry company in Toronto. Call us at 416-206-8859 and get a quote today!!

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