5 Different Advantages of Using Bricks When Building a House

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Building your house from bricks can be challenging especially in terms of the cost. But even so, using bricks not only adds value to the property but can also add aesthetic value to your home. Bricks are a popular option to use for building houses as they are very durable and can last a very long time. 


Here are some of the advantages of using bricks when building your house.


1) Durability


Bricks are known to be one of the most durable materials. They are used to build sturdy homes and structures such as storage sheds, barns, and more.


This is one reason why builders prefer to use bricks when building their homes. Bricks are often made from clay and not concrete because clay is less prone to cracking or shivering. It’s also less susceptible to water damage than concrete.


2) Cost-Effective


Using bricks for the exterior walls of your house is a great option because it adds aesthetic value to the property. Bricks are inexpensive and highly durable and this makes them a great investment. A brick house can last for decades and even for generations. 


3) Thermal Stability


Bricks are often made of clay, which is known to absorb heat and produce a thermal barrier to the exterior. The thermal stability of the exterior of your home is very important in terms of energy efficiency. Building your home with bricks will ensure the walls protect the interior from extreme weather such as heat and cold.


A brick home absorbs heat and prevents the interior structure of the home from getting damaged. It also reduces the expenses needed for cooling your home.


4) Aesthetic Value


Building your house with bricks will add more value to your house, which you can use for resale. Brick exteriors make your house look more attractive. A house made of bricks gives you a grandiose appearance even on a smaller piece of land.


Bricks are also easily customizable. If you want to add more of a personal touch to your house, you can easily add brick designs such as brick ornaments, siding, vernacular arches and more. You can also choose from various shades of red or tans from the colour of bricks.


5) Resilience


Bricks are very resilient and can withstand severe conditions such as strong winds, earthquakes, and floods. That’s why buildings that are made of bricks can easily withstand natural disasters. Bricks can also last for centuries, which is why they are a popular option to use when building your house.


Costs of Bricks


Bricks are relatively more expensive compared to other materials such as timber and steel. However, the cost of bricks will also depend on the supplier. You can also buy bricks on Craigslist and from building materials resellers.


Installing bricks is also a typical DIY job. Therefore, you don’t have to hire a contractor or a construction crew for the installation process. All you need are some basic tools such as a crowbar, socket wrenches, a drill, a screwdriver, and a bucket to clean the area so you can start.




Building your house with bricks is a great way to add value to your home. Researching the best type of bricks to use and the right suppliers is also very important. It’s also easy to install them, which is convenient. Bricks are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized to give your house a more personal touch.


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