5 Qualities You Want in Your Waterproofing Company

5 Qualities You Want in Your Waterproofing Company

Toronto’s rainy seasons can pose serious issues for certain homeowners. Some houses can be decades old and will likely have sections of them that need repairing. Some newer ones may not be adequately sealed, therefore causing rainwater and other forms of ice to enter through the roof panels or the walls. Moisture and humidity invite plenty of mould growth, which can be harmful to families in the home.

As the rainy season moves on and winter sets in, ice is going to form, which can damage the structural integrity of some homes. When the ice melts, this can enter someone’s house and cause flooding and leaks. These seasonal changes, coupled with extreme weather, are why exterior waterproofing in Toronto is an essential service. A good waterproofing service in Ontario has criteria that make them a viable option to handle your abode.

Here are five unique quality to look for in a good waterproofing company in Toronto:


Their Specialties are Licensed and Insured

Exterior waterproofing entails the use of techniques that are similar to a building contractor. The Canadian government stresses the importance of the law in terms of local building code. When you conduct maintenance activities like basement waterproofing, you’ll need a building permit from the local government. A reliable waterproofing contractor has all the proper licensure for heavy renovation work. They are also insured to compensate for any damages that they may do to your home, which is necessary for the amount you’ll be paying.


They Have Proper Infrastructure In Place

Waterproofing can be done via DIY methods, but basement waterproofing is a tough task to complete without the proper equipment and knowledge. When water gets deep due to flooding and heavy rains, you’ll need the correct tools to remove the risks that may develop in a soaked basement. A well-established company will have access to tools and an entire book of knowledge to deal with the most daunting tasks.


They Specialize in Basement Waterproofing

Draining a basement after being soaked and thoroughly airing it out is one thing, but after it is all dry, you’ll need to seal your home from further leaks. A good waterproofing contractor will waterproof the rest of the house and identify the source of the leaks. They will also educate you on what processes to run when the rainy season comes around, helping you keep the area dry the next time floods come around.


They Need Experience

While some companies can be new and cheaper to hire, nothing beats a team of experienced contractors in a waterproofing service in Ontario. Some younger companies may have employed the assistance of one expert in the industry, which can be useful. The best comes from sticking to professionals who have years of experience under their belts. Experts know the most common failure points, where to apply compounds to fix leaks, and how to waterproof basement areas and dry them entirely after a leak.


They Have Good Reviews

You would never buy a product that no one recommends. The lower the ratings of the waterproofing company, the more likely they lack attention to detail when sealing up your home. With all the cracks and crevices and hidden spots in a house, waterproofing requires attentiveness and a rigorous work ethic. A good company is well aware of this and will have better ratings due to their overall understanding of the job.



Water is essential, but it can be damaging when it finds its way into the wrong areas. When it floods into a basement, this can turn into a monumental problem, as it contaminates the rest of your home. By investing in a waterproofing service in Ontario, you can be prepared for the rainy and winter seasons.

Red Robin Masonry is a premium waterproofing company in Toronto that is a master in its class. Sporting the complete set of tools and equipment infrastructure, the quality you get out of a masonry company like us is top-tier. Contact us to know more about how we can help you prepare for the changing of seasons.

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