6 Important Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Tips

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Nothing beats a real wood-burning fireplace in the frigid fall and winter months. The crackling sound of a fireplace and the flickering flames are mesmerizing—the greatest entertainment available. The genuine deal is a wood-burning fireplace.

However, unlike gas fireplaces, you must pay for that authentic feeling with frequent upkeep. Follow these guidelines to keep your fireplace in good working order for your comfort and safety. If you’re also looking for a chimney removal in Toronto, continue reading as this article will entail where you can get that service.

Repair Brick Mortar Gaps in the Firebox

Over time, gaps in the brick mortar on the interior of your fireplace form. It’s natural for mortar particles on the refractory fire bricks to loosen and fall due to the continual expansion and contraction of materials induced by the fireplace’s intense heat.

Fire can find a way through the cracks and damage the house’s structure. Fill mortar gaps within the fireplace’s firebox using fireplace mortar or refractory caulk, a mineral-based filler.

You’ll need a putty knife to clear out the loose mortar and a can of compressed air to blow out the remainder for this quick remedy. After that, all that’s left is to caulk the seams.

Clean the Chimney

Unlike gas and gel fires, Wood-burning fireplaces produce a tremendous quantity of heat and smoke. Creosote builds upon the interior of the fireplace flue, speeding up a chimney fire, which the fire department must extinguish.

Chimney cleaning removes potentially dangerous creosote and other combustible particles from your flue. The ashes in the firebox are removed, and the chimney is cleaned from top to bottom. Invest in your chimney-cleaning tools and conduct the work yourself, or hire a professional chimney sweep or home restoration services in Toronto.

Use the Right Firewood

The quality of the wood you burn in your fireplace is only as excellent as the wood you burn in it. Burning the wrong kind of wood dirties the fireplace’s interior fast, necessitating more regular cleaning.

Softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods, but they burn more quickly and generate fine ash that is harder to clean up. They also produce creosote more quickly. Spruce, cedar, poplar, and balsam are examples of softwoods. Choose hardwoods like maple, oak, ash, and birch for a more constant, hotter burn.

Replace the Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens are available in various shapes and metals, and they may be placed close or even against the fireplace. Install a glass fireplace screen to keep smoke from leaving the firebox. These heat-resistant glass inserts keep most smoke out while allowing heat to pass through.

Repair, Build, or Spruce up the Mantel

If your fireplace’s mantle has been in place for a long time, it may be beginning to show its age. Or you could be fed up with it. You may make a new fireplace mantel out of live-edge wood or walnut stock in any case.

Alternatively, you could want your fireplace mantel to resemble an old railroad tie—albeit a fake one. If carpentry isn’t your thing, consider renovating your mantel for a fresh new appearance.

Hire A Professional

Exterior chimney repair is a major job, so hire a chimney repair professional or a mason if you think the job is too big for you.

Minor external chimney flaws are exacerbated by the environment and quickly escalate into serious issues. Interior issues caused by a poorly maintained chimney and flashing include wet ceilings, moist attic insulation, and mushy wall drywall.


Your chimney is one of the most sensitive parts of your home’s exterior, as it is subjected to rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures daily. A chimney’s bricks and mortar decay faster than any other portion of your house. A dangerously unstable chimney might endanger your family’s safety. It’s advisable to seek chimney repair services in Toronto as soon as you notice a problem.

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