Chimney Woes Signs of Chimney Damage and What You Should Do

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Chimney Woes: Signs of Chimney Damage and What You Should Do

The original Mary Poppins movie has desensitized the precarious lives of chimney sweepers. As kids, we watched Dick van Dyke sing happily in the film and thought that such a job was easy. Although cleaning chimneys nowadays are no longer as hazardous as before, it is still dangerous. 

If chimneys are so dangerous, why not simply remove them? However, you will miss the advantages that it can offer. Before engaging in chimney removal services, you should continue reading the article.

This blog will enumerate the causes of chimney damage and fires. Hopefully, this knowledge will help prevent such a catastrophe without removing your beautiful chimney. 

Faulty Chimney Construction

The chimney is a significant investment for your home. It can either increase or decrease the value of your home, depending on its design and function. It would spell trouble if it were not correctly constructed, so you need a seasoned masonry company to build it.


As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you choose a company that has been in operation for a long time. It will ensure that the chimney is built using suitable materials.


If your property already has an existing chimney, the following should be your clue that you need chimney repair services:


  • Narrow or shallow footing
  • Loose soil beneath the footing
  • Wrong size or height for the fireplace
  • Low-quality bricks and mortar
  • Improperly installed chimney liner
  • Unfinished smoke chamber


Leaky Chimney

The fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. It gives the comfort of a cozy fire during winter. Minus the log fire can help prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.  


A chimney is supposed to channel these gases outside. A leaky chimney will cause a loss of heat and the infiltration of dangerous pollutants. If you have a chimney with cracks, check the metal liner on the interior. The liner is supposed to prevent the leakage of heat and toxic gases.  


If you notice a damaged metal liner, you need to contact a qualified chimney repair expert as soon as possible. Of course, the worst-case scenario is a chimney fire. It can burn down the house and ruin the investment you made for your home. You need to engage in chimney repair services as soon as possible if you notice any signs stated earlier.  


Addressing Chimney Damage


If you have a badly damaged chimney, you need to seek the services of a seasoned mason. It will help you address the issues and save the chimney from further damage. Cleaning and repairing a damaged chimney is expensive. However, it is more costly when a house burns down.  


When you choose an experienced company, you can ensure that your chimney will be fixed properly. The repairs usually involve two significant steps: cleaning and fixing. These steps can go hand in hand or separately, depending on the damage.



Early detection is the key to chimney damage and fire prevention. If you notice any signs mentioned above, do not hesitate to call for chimney repair services. A reputable company will inspect the chimney and recommend solutions. 

If you need to fix your chimney, you should call Red Robin Masonry. We offer quality chimney repair services to Toronto residents. Do not waste another minute! Call us now to prevent any catastrophe.

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