Column Placement: Before or After Masonry Construction?

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As a masonry builder or building owner, you may be faced with the decision of when it is appropriate to set columns. While there are several factors to consider when making this decision, it is critical to choose wisely because making the wrong choice can have serious consequences. 


This article will help you understand the benefits of installing columns before and after masonry construction, so you can decide what is best for your project.

Benefits of Column Placement Before Masonry Construction 

1. Increases the Overall Safety of the Building

When columns are correctly positioned, load transfer is more efficient—this reduces potential weak points or stress points in the walls of the building. Furthermore, proper column placement ensures that the force of gravity is evenly spread throughout the structure and eliminates potential weak spots. This helps to prevent any collapse or failure.

2. Allows for Smoother Construction Progress

Placing columns before masonry construction allows for smoother progress during the construction process. When columns are correctly positioned, it eliminates any need for extra steps, such as relocating them during masonry work. This ultimately reduces delays due to errors or changes in design and ensures that the project can be completed on time and within budget.

3. Help to Reduce Labor and Materials Costs

By eliminating any need for extra steps or corrections, overall labour costs can be reduced significantly. Additionally, adequately placed columns can increase efficiency when using additional materials such as concrete or steel, thus further reducing costs.

Benefits of Column Placement After Masonry Construction 

1. Increase Its Overall Strength

Adding additional columns to the structure will increase its overall strength and make it more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes or high winds. Additionally, columns also add an aesthetic appeal to the building and provide an architectural accent.

2. Help With Load Bearing Capacity

Columns can also help with load-bearing capacity, which is essential for large structures or heavy loads being placed on them (such as in industrial applications). Columns can support weight loads that would otherwise be too much for the masonry construction alone. This helps reduce the overall risk of failure due to overloading and allows for more flexibility when designing a structure.

3. Additional Space for Utilities or Storage

When integrated into the design of a building, columns can provide an area where electrical wiring or plumbing can be stored without taking up additional room within the structure’s walls. They can also store items such as furniture or other equipment. These benefits make column placement after masonry construction a desirable option for many projects.

Do I Build a Column Before or After the Masonry?

When it comes to masonry construction, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to install columns before or after. In some cases, the design of the building may dictate which option is best. In other cases, personal preference and local building codes come into play.


Whether you should set a column before or after masonry construction depends on your individual needs and the project’s specific needs. Consult a qualified contractor or structural engineer for advice before making a decision.


When building a structure, it is essential to consider the installation of a column before or after masonry construction. Whether a column is put in before or after the masonry is built depends on the building type and the project’s needs.

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