Find the Right Chimney Material Easily with These Steps

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When building a new house, you must consider what kind of materials you want your chimney to be made of. Your chimney will be prominent from the exterior, so it should be attractive and functional. Inside the home, a chimney could affect the decor, so it’s also important to consider your interior design. When designing your fireplace and chimney for the new home, you can create the perfect balance of aesthetics and safety by choosing the suitable materials for your chimney.

Before you contact masonry services in Toronto, it’s best to know how you can find the suitable chimney material with these steps:

Go Modern with Metal and Prefabricated Chimneys

When people talk about metal chimneys, they refer to a type of metal pipe with flues that runs up the length of the duct and then through the roof. This pipe is created in a factory and installed in your home. These pipes can provide an easy way to heat your home without extensive, elaborate masonry options. 

Masonry services in Toronto will tell you that metal chimneys are easy to install and use; they are durable and provide an affordable way to heat the house. Prefabricated vents are typically made from stainless steel or other non-corrosive metals and can feature insulated flues that prevent heat from escaping through the chimney. 

Bear these in mind when in the mood for modern chimneys:

  • If you’re replacing an existing fireplace or firebox with a metal version, you can install it in place of the old one. The metal chimney is simply attached to the fireplace opening and is usually attached to both sides of your home for support.

  • The biggest downside to a metal chimney is that it doesn’t last as long as masonry versions and requires regular cleaning to keep it free from creosote buildup.

  • If you decide on a metal chimney, you must ensure that you have a regular cleaning company come by regularly to make sure it doesn’t end up causing a fire in your home!

Go Traditional with Masonry and Clay Tile Chimneys

Most people imagine a chimney with clay tiles and brick when they picture one. These vents are only approved for low-heat uses (under 1800°F) and are typically used in residences. 

Popular materials for constructing this chimney include bricks, masonry blocks, and concrete. Masonry and clay tile chimneys are the best choices for a vintage, classic, or rustic feel. You can also make traditional vents look modern, bold and cutting-edge. It’s all about the details—such as colour and pattern—you can ask masonry services in Toronto to do for you.

These traditional vents are an anchoring visual focal point when connected to a masonry fireplace. Its thickness can be varied as well to increase insulation around the fireplace. 

Remember these when choosing traditional chimneys:

  • Clay tile breaks easier from rapid thermal expansion. You may need to replace tiles at a similar rate if you use the fireplace regularly.

  • You can choose muted tones to blend into the interior walls and exterior of the home, or you can boldly draw the eye with colour, shape, or design. 

  • You should consider whether you will be using the chimney or fireplace to create an artistic masterpiece that draws attention to itself. 

  • You must consider cleanliness and maintenance due to the paint colours or tile choices.


Chimney selection boils down to convenience and maintenance. Modern versions are easier to install and use but lack the durability of traditional variants. On the other hand, traditional chimneys last longer but are more tedious to maintain. Discuss these concerns with your family and contractor to determine the best chimney material that works for your family’s routine.

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