Here Are the Key Indicators that Your Chimney Needs a Repair

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A chimney is a great feature of any home. However, should the time come that it needs to be repaired, it’s essential to know the signs to look out for. 


Here, we’ll cover some of the indicators that your chimney is due for a repair. 


The Mortar Between the Bricks Has Deteriorated


Mortar joints keep bricks from falling off your chimney. But after years of exposure to snow, ice, water, and seasonal temperature changes, the mortar can become saturated with water. 

If the mortar joints are too damaged, they might not be able to support the weight of your chimney’s bricks. Which means you could be in danger! The best thing to do is a visual check of your chimney’s mortar joints from the rooftops.


The Chimney Crown Is Damaged or Missing


A chimney crown guards against the penetration of water into the bricks, which could cause damage. It also prevents damage from weather and moisture by acting as a barrier.


Cracked or damaged chimney crowns allow water to seep into your chimney, causing many problems similar to a leaky chimney.


Additionally, a cracked crown will worsen over time, allowing pests to find their way into your chimney or home!


Water Leaking in the Chimney


If your chimney leaks, you need to plan chimney repairs. For several reasons, a leaky chimney is a big red flag for home safety. Rain entering your chimney introduces moisture to your home that you don’t want. Moisture can lead to mold, and mold can start damaging your property. Even brick won’t hold up against excessive moisture over time which can lead to significant issues.


White Stains on the Walls


The term “efflorescence” refers to a white substance that appears on the outside of your chimney. It is pretty simple to remove this staining, but cleaning it does not solve the moisture problem which causes the residue.  


The presence of white stains is a clear indication that there is excess moisture in your masonry. If moisture is not dealt with, you may experience premature deterioration of your chimney and other moisture-related problems.


Rust on Your Damper or Firebox


If rust appears on your damper or firebox, you can be sure that there is too much moisture in your chimney. You may not notice rust on the damper readily, but if it doesn’t seal well or operate correctly, it could be because it’s rusting.


If your chimney shows signs of rusting, there could be severe damage, such as cracked flue tiles. Get the help of a professional to inspect the flue lining and ensure there isn’t a breach in the chimney system, which could ultimately cause a house fire.


Spalling of Your Chimney Structure


Spalling is a problem that occurs on the outside of your chimney. You’ll know you have spalling when you see masonry bits around the structure’s bottom. Spalling happens when moisture enters masonry, which can force the surface of the brick, concrete, or stone to peel off, pop out, or flake off. To prevent continued crumbling and eventual destruction of your chimney, you must replace any damaged masonry.




When you notice the key signs mentioned above, you need to get your chimney inspected and repaired by professionals. Remember, the most important thing to remember is safety.


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