Top Tips from Experts to Protect Your Brick Home

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St Anne’s Church in Lithuania is a brick structure included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The church is located in the city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is a Roman Catholic church and one of the country’s most significant religious sites.

The church was built in the 15th century and is a fine example of Gothic architecture. It is decorated with many beautiful sculptures and paintings. The church is a popular tourist destination and is well worth a visit.

This church shows us that brick structures are strong. It was built over 500 years ago and is still in good condition. The bricks have held up well against the weather and the elements, and the structure is still strong. This building is an excellent example of the strength of brick structures. It shows that they can last for a long time and withstand the elements.

However, brick buildings are vulnerable to water and weeds. Water can seep into cracks in the bricks and cause the mortar to deteriorate, while weeds can also grow in the gaps and push the bricks to loosen. Tapping into professional masonry services is critical to restoring the structure to its former glory.

Annual Inspection

As a homeowner, you know that keeping your home in good condition is critical. It means regular maintenance and repairs, as well as occasional inspections. When it comes to your brick buildings, it is necessary to have an annual checkup done by a masonry company.

There are several reasons for this. First, bricks are a natural material that can degrade over time. It is especially true if they are exposed to the elements. Second, bricks can become loose or cracked, leading to severe structural problems.

Professional masonry services can spot these problems and make the necessary repairs. They can advise you on preventive measures, such as waterproofing, that can help extend the life of your brick buildings.

So do not wait until there is a problem with your bricks. Schedule an annual inspection with a masonry company today. It could save you a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Clean the Walls with Mild Detergent

When it comes to brick buildings, one of the critical things you can do to ensure their longevity is to scrub the masonry with a mix of mild detergent and water. This simple act can help remove any dirt, grime, or another build-up that can potentially damage the bricks over time. Plus, it is just good practice to keep your building clean!

An all-purpose cleaner is a good choice if you are unsure which type of detergent to use. Avoid any cleaners with harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the bricks. It is not difficult to clean bricks, so put some effort into it and scrub them clean.

Once you have given the bricks a good scrubbing, rinse them with clean water to remove any soap residue. Then, allow the bricks to air dry completely before applying any sealants or other treatments. These simple steps can help keep your brick building looking its best for years.


Brick homes are beautiful and classic but require more care than your average home. That is where professional masonry services come in. A good masonry company will have the experience and expertise to maintain your brick home and keep it looking its best.

If you are looking for the best masonry services in Toronto, you do not have to look far because Red Robin Masonry is here to serve you. We can protect your brick home from the ravages of pollution and moisture to ensure its longevity. So, contact us now for your home’s annual maintenance!

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