When To Know It Is Time to Get Masonry Work Done

Whether you live in a condominium or a house, for as long as there are brick or stone walls, at some point, you will need a mason. The same goes for commercial buildings that have walls made of either brick or stone. There are plenty of brick repair services in Toronto alone, because in Canada, the brick or stone wall structure can be significantly damaged by exposure to the elements over time.

Masonry issues can be quite damaging in general, and depending on the location and severity of the issues, there can be disastrous consequences. Extreme loss of heat, foundation problems, and water infiltration are just some of the issues that can arise, which will make your structure unsafe in the long run.

What are some warning signs of wear and tear on masonry? Here are some ways to know when it is time to get masonry services in Toronto, or wherever you are in Canada, done.

Bulging brick

Also known as bowed brick, this occurs when the outer wall caves in around a certain area, or can be seen jutting out. The most common cause for this is moisture having seeped in behind the brick. Moisture can adversely affect the wall in two ways: warping concrete and bricks, forcing them to push out, or softening wood and plaster behind the brick, rebuilding that particular section of the outer wall.

Compacted bricks

If you see a brick that seems to have lost its original shape, looking either bowed or cracked, you’ve found a compacted brick. There are several problems that arise from those, such as opening a hole wherein water can pass through. Most of all, a single compacted brick can lead to more because the adjacent bricks no longer receive the pressure they need. When you get a mason, the affected bricks will be replaced, and other recommendations will be made.

Cracks in vertical corners

There are far more troublesome foundation cracks than these, as they are generally from natural expansion. There is no need to worry about any walls collapsing. The biggest issue is that they allow water to seep in when the rains are heavy, leading to bowed brick. Left unfixed, the damage can extend from the outer wall to the inner wall. Getting a professional mason will repair it using either of the two ways, both of which are rather inexpensive.

Efflorescence and staining

Early efflorescence, which is the presence of soluble salts that are rising through concrete and coming out of the outer pores as stains, can be treated with a thorough pressure wash. Left untreated for too long, the stain converts into calcium carbonate, which a mason will have to come and treat with special chemicals.


It is important to keep an eye on your brick and stone walls as there are several signs that make professional masonry services necessary. More than anything, it is key to know when it is time to call in a professional who can nip the problem in the bud while it’s early.

We understand that your home is likely the biggest investment in your life. If you’re looking for reliable Toronto masonry services, contact Red Robin Masonry today!

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