Why Fixing Bulging Bricks Should Be Your #1 Priority

Why Fixing Bulging Bricks Should Be Your #1 Priority

Bulging bricks are a serious but often ignored masonry issue. The bulging often starts from moisture retention in the brick mortar joint, which gradually swells in volume. This is similar to how potholes form on the road.

The problem often exacerbates after the winter months. If you notice your bricks bulging, contacting a skilled masonry service as soon as possible should be a priority for the reasons stated below.

What Causes Bricks to Bulge?

This bent brick problem should be resolved as soon as possible. The image of your wall collapsing into one dusty heap should be enough to give you the shivers. Any humidity buildup at the rear of the wall will cause it to deteriorate quicker, increasing the danger of collapse.

Here are the possible causes behind the bulging bricks in your structure:

  • Excessive moisture in the wall cavities, causing ice to develop in the winter;
  • deteriorated mortar joints enabling excessive water to flow in;
  • Excessive rust on anchors, causing the wall to sag;
  • Cracks in the wall, and so on.

Why You Need to Fix Bulging Bricks ASAP

Bulging bricks are only the start. If the problem is not resolved, it has the potential to spread throughout the structure. As a result, to gain a better perspective on the issue, consider the significance of repairing bulging bricks below:

1. It’s a Ticking Hazard

If the bricks are not repaired promptly, the possibilities can range from an unsightly building to a total collapse. The swelling bricks will eventually give way to the pressure. As a result, they may collapse, compromising the integrity or stability of your building’s structure.

2. It’ll Cost More Down the Road

As you are aware, minor fractures in the wall can develop into significant splits. However, you may save money by repairing the bulging bricks quickly. It will be less expensive, and your structure’s stability will be restored. Furthermore, talking with a professional sooner makes it easier to resolve the issue, regardless of where it occurs.

Professionals may finish this job without having to disrupt your daily routine, depending on the damage severity. The professional mason can even implement preventive measures on the newly-repaired wall to avoid safety and cost issues in the future.

3. Save You Time and Energy

You don’t have to waste your entire work week getting dirty while trying to repair your wall. Professional masonry will take care of everything, even removing the dirt off the wall. As a result, you can go home to a secure, protected and clean-looking property as if nothing had occurred.

How to Locate and Identify Bulging Sections in Your Brick Structure

The bulging bricks should be pretty easy to spot. Your windows might no longer appear level with the brick. Portions of your brick structure should protrude further than the other sections. Lastly, there may be new fractures in your mortar you’ve never seen before.

Final Thoughts

If you see any of the signs, call a professional right away. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will get, especially if it endures through winter.

Red Robin Masonry offers top-quality masonry services in Toronto. We specialize in all different kinds of brickwork, and that includes brick bulge repair. Contact us today to learn more!

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