3 Main Benefits of Getting Stone Retaining Walls for Houses

Having a poor use of outside space for housing is a popular issue due to the lack of careful thought given to the landscaping and masonry. Fortunately for your house, things can be different! By getting stone retaining walls, you have the perfect addition to gardens and other green spaces around the home. It can even boost the property’s overall value and curb appeal. If you want to have a deeper appreciation of what you are getting yourself into, consider the following benefits: 

  • Provides aesthetic value and functionality 


According to our Toronto masonry service professionals, stone retaining walls serve as a preventive solution for soil erosion, primarily big mounds of earth that can fall and destroy surrounding areas. They are placed in areas with a significant height difference, so the wall is meant to counteract the land’s gravitational pull, which can be a major issue during strong rains.


Another positive thing about stone retaining walls is they can enhance your exterior’s look and feel since they almost have this mountain-like, rustic vibe. Some can even look as organized as brick walls! Whatever style you opt for, it can serve as an aesthetically pleasing improvement to boost your house’s overall appeal, which is great for passersby, guests, and neighbours! 

  • Can last for a long time and doesn’t require too much maintenance


House masonry projects are a privilege to have, but you may be wary of getting them because of the upkeep costs and longevity. For instance, suppose you have a traditional brick chimney that pays homage to a more traditional way of living. While they can look impressive, they often require a lot of preventive maintenance. The good news is that is not the case for stone retaining walls, as they can even withstand the test of time. 


Stone is known as one of the most structurally sound products used for construction, and you can easily put this to work with something as solid as retaining walls. Some can even last up to 40 years, meaning it can even outlive some house structures, like roofing and flooring! You just have to pressure wash it when it has some visible contaminants and work with a trusted contractor to guide you. 

  • Comes in a wide variety of options for your own choosing 


What you may be concerned about when opting for stone retaining walls is the lack of options for building materials. It may be because you are not necessarily a fan of grey, black, and other earthy tones that correspond to stonework. 


Remember, this project may need a sizeable amount of money, time, and effort to pull off, so the results should be worthwhile. Luckily, there is a range of options to choose from!

For example, let’s say you want to go for a more environmentally friendly choice since some stone building practices may not be as favourable as you would like. In that case, you can request a gabion, a wired structure designed to function as a cage. It can hold the rocks and other retaining materials inside. Alternatively, you can request your chosen masonry company to present different possibilities and make an informed decision! 




Opting for stone retaining walls for your house is a great way to improve your overall quality of life through landscaping and other outdoor improvements. It can even have lasting effects on reselling valuable properties, especially in the long run. So, remember all the benefits mentioned above and get professional tradespeople to do the job like us to maximize your assets. 


Red Robin Masonry is your reliable source for the best masonry services in Toronto, especially when it comes to your home and stoneworks. Our team of experienced contractors is dedicated to any project, and we see to it that you are fully satisfied with the finished product. Request your quote today through our website or contact us at 416-206-8859 if you have any questions!

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