Here’s What You Should Know About Chimney Rebuilding

If you have a chimney at home, it’s important you have it maintained properly. As part of the maintenance process, chimney rebuilding may be a term that you would often hear, and you might even reach a point when you need one. 

When it’s time to rebuild your chimney, you might feel a bit overwhelmed because it seems like a big and tedious project. However, it’s one of the non-negotiable things you can do for your property; otherwise, it could put you and your loved ones’ health and safety at risk. 

An effective way to feel at ease is to know everything there is to know about it. That way, you will feel more confident to tackle the project. 


Chimney Damage

Your chimney is exposed to harmful elements and unpredictable weather conditions all year round. For one, water damage is a huge concern for this; whether from rainwater or melting ice and snow, the liquid may seep through the bricks. In turn, this may cause spalling. 

Spalling damages the brick or stone surface that causes it to peel, flake, or pop. When unaddressed for a long time, it can cause the brick to fall apart, leading to water damage and leaks inside the home. Most of the time, damaged brickwork requires a complete rebuild. 

You may also notice some cracking due to damaged mortar joints. Once this happens, it can allow moisture into the chimney that can cause a lot of problems. 


The Importance of Regular Chimney Maintenance

Regular chimney maintenance is important and should occur once a year. It will help prevent fires, and it will also check for damage and signs of animal or pest infestation.

The maintenance includes a thorough inspection to check for cracks, water damage, creosote buildup, spalling issues, damaged crown, deteriorated flashing, unwanted pests in the chimney, and many more. 

Many homeowners think that just because they don’t use their fireplace, they don’t need maintenance anymore. That’s not the case, though. Whether or not you use your fireplace, chimney maintenance is important and shouldn’t be missed. 


Chimney Rebuilding


There are two types of chimney rebuilding. The first type is a partial rebuild that is often recommended for small chimneys where scaffolding isn’t required. This type of chimney rebuilding means only one part of the chimney will be replaced. It is used for chimneys that only have damage at the top. 

The second type is a total chimney rebuild that involves replacing the outside brick and the crown. It is recommended when there’s extensive damage.


The Advantages of Rebuilding Chimneys

There are many advantages when you have your chimney rebuilt. For one, it can help prevent leaks that can be costly. Another thing is that any structural issues may be addressed immediately before it becomes a huge problem. Also, chimney rebuilding can help reduce the risk of house fires. 



Chimney rebuilding may sound intimidating at first, but now that you know the basics about it, you will be more willing to do it for the sake of your property. 

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