3 Tips About Fixing Brick Cracks

Dealing with brick cracks may seem like a minor issue, but there may be an underlying cause that needs your immediate attention. For instance, the cracks may indicate that your masonry is about to collapse due to the uneven weight distribution. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your safety and avoid paying for costly damages. But what exactly should you do to address brick cracks? 

This article will discuss three practical tips that will help you deal with your brick masonry’s fissures, allowing you to look after your property assets as a long-term investment. Take this as an opportunity to become a more responsible property owner as you mitigate possible threats. 


Take preventative measures during the construction process

Besides addressing the immediate matter at hand, you can think of ways to avoid brick cracks during the brick and mortar construction phase. Pay attention to how the masons work to build each structure to prevent structural complications. These extra measures are called preventive maintenance in the professional construction industry. 

In brick masonry, there must be gaps between bricks placed in regular intervals, particularly ⅜ and ½ inch wide. They must be adhered to with backer rods and held together by caulk. 

Practicing these preventive maintenance measures can reduce the possibility of bricks from cracking since structural integrity with the finished masonry is particularly reinforced to prevent moisture build-up. This way, you can prevent spending more on upfront costs for repairs and maintenance solutions! 


Be mindful of discoloration

Bricks tend to become deeper in color when exposed to intense sunlight and snow for long periods. However, it can also be a sign that your brick structure is weathering away, especially if your mason didn’t specify anything about bricks naturally changing their shade over time. It is a popular aesthetic feature among many homeowners who are fans of the rustic style. 

As such, it’s highly recommended to contact a local brick mason repair service as soon as possible because discoloration is often hard to determine whether it’s an aesthetic feature or a structural issue. Additionally, don’t forget to self-inspect the brick for cracks, as seeing them may indicate a problem with the amount of water trapped inside the bricks. 


Consider brick restorations for older structures

When your brick masonry is considered a historical structure, it may be worth more to restore it than simply patch up the cracks because it may add value and intrigue to your property. You may also want to preserve it merely for the sentimental qualities it has as a history enthusiast. Whatever your motivation may be, you need to address the cracks properly and carefully. 

The best way to address brick cracks with older buildings is to call a professional masonry company that has the experience and tools necessary to preserve the structure’s aesthetic value while working to prolong its durability. Don’t forget to consider insurance, maintenance, and other related costs to keep your unique masonry standing. 



Seeing cracks within your brick masonry can be worrying, especially when you don’t know how to deal with it effectively. Fortunately, you now do and can take action immediately. So remember all the formerly mentioned tips and safeguard your property and other assets! 

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