Why Parging Is a Must for Your House

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Why Parging Is a Must for Your House

New homeowners might be perplexed as to why a fresh concrete foundation would need even more masonry. It seems like a waste of money to do the same job twice, but parging does have its benefits for any home restoration projects you have planned. If your home is situated in areas with harsh climates, there are several reasons why you may want to consider parging services for your home. 


All About Parging

Parging is a process where a thin coat of cement or mortar is applied over concrete or masonry to further refine the surface. It acts as a way to fill the imperfections of a concrete base that has been laid down to serve as the foundation of a building. Parge coats are applied to fill the pits, holes, and seams in the concrete foundation for a nicer finish.


Benefits of Parging 

There are several other benefits of parging, aside from giving the concrete a smoother surface. Here are some of the advantages that come with choosing to apply a parge coat to your foundation.



Canada undoubtedly has one of the coldest winters across the globe. Parging can help your home by providing an additional layer of protection for your foundation against the elements. It will also keep your home warm as an insulating layer. A parge coat will also keep your foundation’s structural integrity strong since it prevents water from freezing in the cracks and holes, which causes damage.


Increases Curb Appeal

When looking at a house, people won’t initially care about how good the insulation is or how strong the foundation will be. People will pass by and remark on how beautiful it looks. Houses that look good are achieved by proper construction, maintenance, and care. 

Prioritizing your home’s overall appearance and maintenance will make it more valuable in the following years should you decide to sell it. By enlisting in the right home restoration services, you can ensure that your house is protected with a layer of parging to prevent any damage from harsh elements as the season’s pass. Doing so will allow you to sell your home at a higher estimated value than you would have sold it for if it didn’t receive the proper maintenance measures. 


Repellant Against Insects and Critters

The weather isn’t the only thing that parging protects a home against. Holes and cracks in your concrete are pretty much open invitations for tiny bugs and critters that any homeowner would rather keep outside of their home. Insects and other creatures such as mice can climb in through holes in your walls that can keep growing without a protective layer on top. 

A pest infestation is something that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of and can cause even more damage to important parts of your house. A better and more cost-effective solution for the long term would be to secure protective parge coating over your surfaces to future proof against unwanted entry from bugs and critters.



Parging is more than just an extra layer on top of your concrete base. It serves a functional purpose to keep your home’s foundation protected from harsh weather, warm during cold winters, and to block any intrusive insects and other creatures from burrowing their way in. By securing your concrete surfaces early on, you can also add curb appeal to your property that will make it more valuable on the market down the line. When presented with a choice to add parge coating when building your home, the best choice would be to say yes and enjoy the benefits you reap as a result. 


Here at Red Robin Masonry, we help ease the burden of maintaining a home by providing quality masonry services in Toronto to our clients. Contact us for your parging needs, brick repair, or other masonry requirements.

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