4 Signs Your Chimney Is in Dire Need to Be Repointed

While not a task that is done commonly, chimney repointing is a must-do for homeowners that are experiencing problems with the chimney, especially when it comes to issues with its outer parts. If you have never heard of chimney repointing before, it is a process that renews the mortar joints of your chimney, which generally gets decayed or damaged due to the elements. The process involves removing all damaged pointing materials and replacing them with new bonding materials to restore the chimney’s strength and structure. 

That being said, how can you tell if your chimney needs repointing? Here are the signs to look out for:


  1. Rusted firebox

While fireboxes are generally safe from any type of moisture, it can still happen. Cracks in the mortar can allow water to seep into the chimney and reach the firebox or even the damper. If you notice that the firebox has started to rust, then the chances are that water has been seeping through the tiny gaps in the cracks of the mortar. 

Note that there can be other causes of a rusted firebox, so it pays to hire a professional to inspect the chimney for the possible causes.


  1. Damaged mortar

If you notice that the mortar on your chimney has changed colour, it is a sign that the mortar and bricks are old and need repointing. If the mortar has started to flake or chip off, this can also mean that the mortar has gone brittle and become weak! 

In either case, the signs may point to the fact that the mortar is at risk of water seeping into the chimney. In addition, it also shows that your chimney’s structural integrity is at risk—so be sure to have the chimney repaired immediately if you notice any damage to this particular aspect of your home.


  1. Yellowed wallpaper

Any wallpapers around your chimney can start to change colour—particularly to yellow—if the chimney experiences too much moisture. Once again, such moisture may have entered your chimney because of any cracks it may have experienced. 

To fix this problem, call a chimney professional to identify the cause of the moisture, whether it be from cracked mortars or another source that you might not immediately notice. 


  1. Large and small cracks

Any cracks on your chimney are signs of trouble, whether it is on the mortar or not. As such, any cracks, whether large or small, should be a red flag that requires immediate attention from a professional. These cracks will allow water to seep into your chimney and damage it, and it can weaken the entire chimney fixture, putting itself and your home at risk of damages. Once again, quickly contact chimney experts to inspect the chimney and have it repointed if necessary!



From yellowed wallpaper to flaking mortar, these are all the signs that there is trouble brewing in your chimney and that it needs some repointing to restore its integrity and aesthetics. 

That being said, when working with chimney experts, take the time to research the professionals you are going to work with. Discuss with them the problems you are facing, and what cost you can expect to have the chimney repaired. This way, you will be financially ready to undergo the fix, getting you the repair you need without breaking the bank. 

Red Robin Masonry is a trusted and respected masonry company in Ontario, offering masonry services to keep your home in perfect shape—no matter the weather. If you need chimney repair services, reach out to us today and get your chimney fixed!




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