5 Common House Maintainance Issues and How to Fix Them

5 Common House Maintainance Issues and How to Fix Them

When you own a home, you have the freedom to customize it as you wish. You also have the responsibility to keep it clean and well-maintained so that you can protect yourself and your household from any hazards. Damage can happen due to many different reasons and in various parts of your house, but it is normal and expected.

While living in your house, you might encounter pest infestations, plumbing leaks, or electrical problems. Most issues are easy to resolve if you know how to spot the warning signs and get the right professional help. These are the things you need to know to keep your house in perfect shape from top to bottom:


Your roof and chimney

Your roof protects you from the harsh elements and keeps your entire house dry. However, there are vulnerable areas of your roofing that you should look after. Find a safe way to access your roof, or ask for a contractor to inspect it for you. If you have shingles, check the cement backing to make sure they adhere to the roof.

The chimney can also deteriorate over time and with repeated exposure to strong winds, hail, or debris. Ensure the collar–the metal skirt at its base covering the joint between the chimney and the roof–is secure against your roof’s surface. You also need to ensure that the lining or the flue is intact to prevent fires or damage to the bricks.


Interior walls

Demising walls around your home are usually hollow. The gaps in the partitions allow electrical wiring and plumbing to pass through so you can access utilities in different parts of your house. Unfortunately, these areas are great hiding areas for unwelcome guests like termites and ants. To keep your walls free of pests, you need to ensure there are no moisture sources, and there are no cracks where they can enter. Termites make their way from your yard when you track in dirt from the outside. Inspect your walls frequently for signs of bulging or buckling. You should also look out for water rings or discoloration patches that could indicate a leak happening within. When you keep your walls dry, you can avoid insect colonies setting up shop.


Flooring and carpeting

Depending on what type of flooring you have, you may need frequent cleaning. If you have tiles, you need to have them re-grouted every two years to keep them looking clean. Polish your wood floors every few months to preserve their sheen and smooth out any scratches. Keep a lookout also for trembling or creaking floorboards–these may be signs that the supports need repair and reinforcement.


The exterior walls

Your exterior walls are bound to receive a lot of abuse from harsh weather elements. If you have siding, you will need to regularly inspect the sections to see if the adhesive material remains strong so they can continue to provide insulation and protection from debris. Painted areas of the exterior tend to peel over time from exposure to rain and snow. Set aside a budget to give your house a refreshed paint job every two to three years so you can keep up your curb appeal.


The basement

One of the most critical areas to maintain in your house is its foundation. A home with excellent masonry work of brick and stone will stand for many years. However, you will need to take steps to preserve its integrity over time. Inspect your basement walls every few months to look for cracks or holes where pests and water may come through. If you notice loose bricks or boulders coming off, call a foundation repair specialist to help you seal the walls and get them back to their original state.

Keeping your house in top condition is an ongoing process. It will require vigilance on your part to look out for the red flags. Look for a trusted home restoration service capable of working with various construction materials, especially brick and stone, for your exterior. Once you have the right partner, keeping your home in livable condition will be easy.

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