A Brief Guide on Masonry: What Exactly Does a Mason Do

Not to be confused with the Freemasons, masonry is one of the oldest skilled trades in the world, dating as far back as six thousand years ago. But what exactly does a mason do? Well, this article will cover the basics you need to know about masonry.

What Is a Mason?

A mason is essentially a builder. They can work with a variety of materials and build a range of structures. Due to their expertise in the field, a mason contractor can help you throughout a building project, offering expert opinions that may help you make the most out of the project. They can also specialize in different materials, notably stone, brick, and concrete.


Stonemasons are stoneworkers that are well-experienced in the handling of stone materials, whether natural or manufactured. They are also equipped to handle veneer products. Stonemasons are often hired to build different installations, such as walls and flooring. With their skill, they can manipulate the stone to fit any design you would wish to have. And if you have any questions regarding the project or need an opinion about the different options you need to choose from, a stonemason can help you out.

Brick Masons

Brick masons are also called bricklayers. They are a type of mason specializing in handling bricks, whether it’s solid, veneer, real, or manufactured. Being a brick mason requires care and attention, as they need to create clean and uniform lines. With no room for mistakes, careful expertise and skill are definitely needed to succeed in this field.

Concrete Masons

This type of mason often works with block and poured concrete. When working with poured concrete, the concrete mason has to perform precise levelling and finishing. They also have to consider the weather, as it can affect the rate the cement hardens. Since concrete often requires support from metal reinforcements, concrete masons must also be able to work with these metal reinforcements.

Masonry Repair

While masonry mainly deals with the building of a structure, a mason’s job is not only limited to that. Some masons may also choose to focus on the maintenance, repair, and restoration of already existing structures. Mason repair and restoration contractors often work on historical structures to help rebuild sections and fix damages.

Common Masonry Work

Masonry work can take many forms. For example, you may hire a stonemason to install beautiful stonework in your garden walkway to enhance your landscaping. Or perhaps you want to get professional work done on your fireplace and chimney to make it a noticeable feature in your home. Homeowners may also hire a mason to get clean lines for their brick walls and install natural stone in their home’s interior as an accent wall.

Final Thoughts

As one of the world’s oldest skilled trades, masonry work can offer a lot of value to your home. Whether you want to build walls or pathways, a mason can help you achieve the desired result and provide you with expert opinions to help guide you through the project.

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