The Advantages of Using Stone Veneers for Your Home

When it comes to improving your home’s interior, you can never go wrong with stone! Whether it be your living room, hallway, kitchen, or backyard, stone can significantly impact the appearance of your space. Stone is a timeless element in contemporary interiors—its features make for a beautiful design that many homeowners can’t help but gravitate to.

Stone is powerful. When you design your space right, the characteristics of stone could help create a space that feels elegant, natural, and inviting, all at the same time. Unfortunately, although widely appreciated, not every homeowner has access to authentic natural stone.

Many agree that natural stone is beautiful, but some would think twice about buying it due to its steep price. However, just because natural stone is way above your budget doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your dream interior. Thanks to stone veneer, you can turn the vision for your home into a reality!

What Is Stone Veneer?

Also referred to as faux stone or cast stone, stone veneer is a type of stonework that serves as an excellent alternative to natural stone. By mixing cement, pigments, and natural aggregates, you’ll end up with a beautiful result that can fool the naked eye into thinking that the material is derived from the expensive original.

Many tend to think that artificial means poor, but stone veneer may just change your mind! With this artificial stone, you can transform your interior and elevate its appearance just as a natural stone would.

What Are the Benefits of Stone Veneer?

Of course, anyone would opt for real natural stone, but this isn’t always possible. Fortunately, thanks to stonework professionals’ creative and practical minds, they’ve developed stone veneer, which eliminates the inhibitions one might have with natural stone. Still, it replicates the beauty that you fell in love with.

Some of the many benefits of opting for stone veneers include:

  1. Cost Savings

Natural stone is beautiful as it is expensive. Depending on how much stone you want for your interior, you could end up more than you’re comfortable with if you’re firm on sticking to natural stone.

On the other hand, stone veneer provides a cost-effective way of beautifying your space without forgetting your budget. With stone veneers, you won’t have to worry about a hefty price tag or expensive shipping—you’ll get to have a beautiful stone element for your home without much expense!

  1. Easy Installation

Unlike natural stone that is incredibly heavy to move around, stone veneer is easy to install anywhere you wish. Using stone veneers eliminates the possibility of compatibility problems; this material can easily cover a variety of surfaces, such as cement, brick, wood, and more.

  1. Excellent Flexibility

Unfortunately, natural stone has its limitations. Although you can install it on a curved surface, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time and effort to accomplish the task. With stone veneers, you can cover curved surfaces in just a fraction of time than you would if you used natural stone! As long as you leave the job to an experienced professional who uses the right tools, stone veneer can be placed on any less-than-level surfaces.


Natural stone can be an excellent addition to any home, but it’s not a practical choice for many homeowners. Fortunately, stone veneers allow anyone to easily incorporate stone elements into their interior without sacrificing their budget! With the right manufacturer and planning, you’re sure to have a home that feels comfortable and looks visually pleasing!

If you’re looking for the best stonework in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place! At Red Robin Masonry, we’re equipped to build full walls of houses or buildings, retaining walls, flagstone patios and more using natural stone or veneer stone. Request a quote today!

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