Cleaning and Maintaining a Chimney – What You Should Know

Cleaning and Maintaining a Chimney - What You Should Know

Your house chimney is one of the more vulnerable parts of a house. Since it is located outside the house, it is more exposed to weather and temperatures. This frequent exposure to intense climate and season change can weaken or bring wear and tear to your chimney system. Whether you constantly use your chimney or not, it is essential to clean it regularly.

Problems That Can Occur in Your Chimney

Here is the most common rationale why homeowners don’t think that inspection and maintenance of chimneys are not necessary—“I don’t use the system that much.” Most homeowners think that just because they’re not using their chimneys, it remains in good condition. However, several problems can happen even in a not functioning chimney:

  • Pests nesting inside your chimney
  • Freeze and thaw cycle
  • Wear and tear

If you follow that mindset, then you need to rethink your ways. Regular inspections can help you resolve the problems immediately. Since it won’t be easy for you to identify any issues in your chimney, it is important to hire professionals to deal with this concern. They have the appropriate tools and knowledge to make the checkup thorough and efficient.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Chimney

Here are the reasons to convince you that chimney cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance.

  • Ensures safe operation – You’ll never know how much soot, blockages, or creosote already exist in your chimney and vent system.
  • Guarantees family and home protection – Any of the mentioned dirt or buildup in your chimney can damage your family and home’s health. For example, creosote is the highly flammable black substance that builds up inside your chimney liner after burning some wood. If not cleaned up properly, this substance can build up fast in your chimney. A small amount of creosote, if mixed with a spark, can already cause a chimney fire. Apart from that, the buildup can affect the performance of your chimney in the long run.
  • Makes sure you’ll have no problem – Having your regular chimney checkup can give you peace of mind. It is essential, especially if you did a heating system upgrade or insertion of a stove or fireplace. Performing routine maintenance will ensure that your chimney’s lining and venting systems are in excellent working condition.
  • Less future expense – If you do not conduct your occasional checkup and maintenance and problems occur in your chimney, you will only spend more on the repair.

The Best Time to Clean Your Chimney

For recent home buyers, you need to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The authority needs to check your chimney first before you use it. For other homeowners, the ideal time to check up a chimney is every summer or early fall, or before you use your chimney in burning and heating the place.

Have your chimney checked at least once a year—and don’t try to skip it. Although there is a recommended period for chimney cleaning, this service is available all-year-round.

Apart from the chimney, you should also have other connected systems cleaned up regularly, such as the fireplace, stove, heating appliances, and furnace.


Before firing up your chimney again, you have to ensure it is safe for use. Add regular inspection and maintenance of your chimney in your annual schedule, so you don’t forget. Neglecting this vital duty would end you up with more repair expenses or a chimney fire.

For chimney repair services in Toronto, contact us at Red Robin Masonry. All our chimney repairs comply with the current building and safety codes. We can also help you clean, rebuild, and make your chimneys work.

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