The Positive Impacts Waterproofing Concrete in Your Home

The Positive Impacts Waterproofing Concrete in Your Home

If you have masonry and other cement-based materials in your home, you will largely benefit from the benefits of waterproofing. This process is mostly done to secure the overall condition of the cinder blocks or cemented pavements by keeping water out. In fact, some professional masonry companies in Canada are emphasizing its necessity.

In other countries, masonry builds are required to be fitted with waterproofing. This is due to its benefits in longevity and general safety. If you are currently considering waterproofing, this guide will help you understand why it’s worth the investment. It will also show you pre-conditioning guidelines to facilitate the success of the service.

Positive Impacts of Waterproofing Concrete

The following impacts are the reasons that most masonry experts and building owners alike are turning to concrete waterproofing:

1. Energy Cost and Living Cost

Since HVAC systems are a staple in every Canadian home, waterproofing is a huge convenience when you suddenly have to turn up your unit. This is because unwaterproofed concrete has subtle cracks that let air escape. Thus, it takes longer for your space to adjust the temperature. In the long run, this will increase the usage and your electricity consumption.

On the other hand, waterproofed concrete translates to easier temperature control and less energy consumption in the long run. It is also a long-term investment that can significantly decrease your daily living cost. This is why most Canadian families also invest in it to save more money on top of its benefits in the wellbeing of their household.

2. Overall Health And Wellbeing

Speaking of saving and wellbeing, waterproofed concrete acts as a layer of protection against harmful mould that grows in wet cement. They are characterized as little black specs that can trigger respiratory diseases, like allergic rhinitis and asthma. Prolonged exposure to the mould also leads to viral infection and flare-ups on the skin. These health hazards are part of the reason why waterproofed concrete is more preferred in most masonry builds.

3. Safeguarding Your Home

Aside from the many health concerns, waterproofing also prevents cement erosion or the gradual weakening or degradation of your structure. In contrast, no proofing leaves room for stray water to seep in, be absorbed, promote mould growth, and eat away at your structure. Again, this is another reason why masonry builders recommend this step.

Another reason to waterproof your concrete is also helpful in securing the cemented walls in your basement. This prevents stray water from finding its way into the bottom of your home, which can cause flooding. Overall, the structural integrity of your home and your security largely benefit from this.

4. Home Value

As you safeguard home, waterproofing also adds to the resale value of your home. If you are looking to retire instead or keep living there, the service also secures that, as the structure will hold for a very long time. The long-term benefit of investing in waterproofing is like building a solid foundation on your home. Additionally, cemented products and structures themselves are also made stable and resistant to common wear and tear.

Pre-Conditioning Your Home for Waterproofing Concrete

The following guidelines are what you must adhere to if you are looking to waterproof your concrete:

  • Secure all home furnishings, electric boxes, and stairs: Possible dust and debris from waterproofing materials may find their way into your appliances and other furnishings. Thus, it is recommended to patch them up with tape and secure coverings.
  • Clean and dry surfaces before scrapping: For an even coating and layering of waterproofing materials, it is highly recommended to have surfaces cleaned properly of dirt.


In the event that you want to prolong the longevity of your structure, consider the many benefits and recommendations regarding waterproofing for your home. That way, you can ensure great results and get the most out of your home.

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