Everything You Need to Know About Brick Repair and Restoration

Bricks have been used throughout the years both for their material strength and aesthetics. Many old structures built with bricks are still standing strong to this day, and many of them have been given special attention through repairs and restoration. 

Are you thinking of acquiring a house built with bricks? If so, you need to be prepared if it needs a major restoration or up to what extent it needs repairing.


Difference Between Brick Repair and Brick Restoration

Brick repair focuses on a certain number of bricks or a particular section of bricks that needs replacement because of sustained damage. It is important to replace old bricks that may have compromised structural strength. Early signs of wear may be a simple gap or noticeable cracks in one or two bricks.

On the other hand, brick restoration is about restoring the bricks to their brand new and original look. Restoration is more commonly used to preserve buildings, especially the ones built decades or centuries ago. This involves removing and replacing old masonry before refinishing, usually done for the entirety of the structure rather than just certain spots and areas. Included in the process is improving structural integrity to be able to stand the test of time.

These two terms are often interchanged but keep in mind that repairs are for minor and quick fixes while restorations are intensive projects for the building’s overall improvement. To determine which is best for your building, it is highly recommended to hire masonry contractors in Toronto to assess what is needed to ensure the structure will stand strong for another century or more!


Types of Brickwork

Determining the type of brickwork you’re dealing with is a good start for assessing the repairs you could possibly need. There are only two categories, the first of which is brickwork in mud. This is the cheapest and most basic type among masonry services, as mud is the medium through which bricks are joined together. The second category is brickwork in cement, which, as the name suggests, uses cement to join bricks together.

Brickwork in cement is further classified into three different types. First-class brickwork uses cement made with lime mortar and bricks with sharp edges and surfaces. These come in deep cherry red or copper, are regularly shaped, and made of completely burnt good earth. Second-class brickwork, meanwhile, uses ground-moulded bricks, giving an irregular shape with a bit of roughness. They are strong, highly durable, and are usually burnt in kilns. The third-class brickwork uses bricks of poor quality, having rough and unfair edges. They are not recommended for areas that experience heavy rain.

It’s best to use first-class cement brickwork for your building and for general use as it is the strongest and most durable among the three. Nevertheless, the other two classes have their own purpose and particular benefits. 



Bricks that are significantly damaged might be beyond your prowess and most probably need expert hands. Hiring professionals for your repairs and restoration services in Toronto is your best solution. The cost will depend on the severity of the damage, the type of brickwork to be done, and how much needs to be repaired. But keep in mind that when it comes to masonry, safety and durability must be your top priority!

Red Robin Masonry can help you cater your brick repairs, restoration, and maintenance needs. Our qualified professionals can take on any project, big or small, with exceptional quality of service in mind. Our competitive prices and guaranteed quality will provide you with the best value. Contact us now so we can start the brick repair in Mississauga!

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