What is Chimney Flashing (And Why Is It Important)

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Chimney tuckpointing and sweeping are often talked about as being important, but people can overlook chimney flashing. Chimney flashing is actually a very important part of taking care of your chimney and should be a high priority for all homeowners. The following blog post will cover all the nitty-gritty about chimney flashing and why it is such an important part of keeping your home safe.

What is Chimney Flashing? (And Why Is It Important?)

Chimney flashing is a type of metal that is used to protect the chimney from water damage. It is often installed around the chimney to cover the mortar joints and prevent water from penetrating inside the chimney. Metal flashing is designed to withstand fire, extreme heat, and water damage. However, it can easily be damaged or dislodged over time, which can allow water to get inside your chimney.

If water gets inside your chimney, it may cause masonry damage to the chimney itself, which can lead to a dangerous fire hazard. If masonry damage occurs, you will need to look at chimney repair or replacement, which can be an expensive proposition.

How do you Know When Your Flashing is Leaking?

1 – Damage to the Roof and Attic

If you notice that your roof or attic is leaking and you are not sure where the leak is coming from, it is likely coming from your chimney. A good way to confirm this is to check the weather stripping on the top of your chimney. Using a sharp tool, poke at the weather stripping to determine if it is loose. Water will move from one place to another based on the level of pressure. If it is loose and you have not noticed any leaks before, it is likely that the weather stripping is not working.

Leaks in the roof or the attic can add up to a lot of water each year, which will damage the structure of your home. Excessive moisture can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which is harmful to your health and can also add up to a lot of damage. To prevent roof leaks, make sure to hire a professional to do maintenance on your roof.

2 – Mold and Mildew

If you notice mould or mildew in your home, it is likely that water is seeping in through a leaking chimney. This moisture can cause a lot of damage to your home, including mould and mildew growth, which can be very harmful to your health. If you have a leak in your chimney, it is important to take care of it immediately to prevent structural damage or health issues.

3 – Black soot around the Chimney

If you notice black soot around your chimney, it could be due to a cracked or loose top plate. To determine if your top plate is loose, place a small bead of caulking around the top of the chimney, and then use something heavy to press down on it. If it squeezes out, your top plate is loose and needs to be tightened.


Keeping your chimney clean, dry, and well-maintained can prevent a lot of damage and health issues. If you know that your chimney has not been looked at in a while, it is important to schedule a chimney inspection to catch any problems before they develop. Sometimes, these problems can be fixed quickly and easily, but if they are not addressed, the damage can pile up and get to the point where you need to replace parts of your chimney.

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