When to Repair or Replace Your Brickwork

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As durable as your brickwork may be, the time will come that it will require some repairs or perhaps even a replacement. But when will this happen, and how will you know when it’s time? Read on and find out as Red Robin Masonry, a trusted masonry company in Toronto shares what you need to know:


The Usual Lifespan of Brick and Mortar


Brick and mortar are susceptible to wear and tear, especially when they are exposed to the elements like the sun, rain, and snow. What’s more, they are also affected by the high salt content in the air, not to mention the various chemicals that can be found in soil and groundwater. In addition, they are affected by the freeze-thaw cycle. All these factors contribute to the general wear and tear that bricks and mortar undergo as they age.


At the same time, the quality of the bricks and mortar you use can also affect the life expectancy of your brickwork. It’s no secret that high-quality bricks and mortar in the market will surely last longer. However, if you’re on a budget, you can opt for cheaper bricks and mortar that are short-lived.


So how long do your bricks and mortar last? High-quality brickwork can last about 80 years or so. Cheap brickwork, on the other hand, can only last for about 40 years.


Warning Signs of Damage to Your Brick and Mortar




The first sign of brickwork wear and tear is when the brick joints begin to crack. This may happen because the mortar used to fill the joints has dried up and shrunk. 




If you find holes on the brickwork, that’s usually a sign of pests like carpenter ants. Occasionally, the termites will also bore holes into the brickwork. They then lay their eggs in these holes. If left undisturbed, the eggs will grow into grubs which will hatch into the adult carpenter ants.


Crumbling Mortar


The mortar is the glue that holds the brick and the brickwork together. If the mortar starts to crumble, that’s a sign of brickwork damage. You can also try to tap or knock your brickwork with your knuckle to see if the mortar is well-glued. Ideally, only the brick will sound, indicating that the mortar is still in good condition.


Water Damage


If you notice that there are wet spots in bricks and mortar, that could be because of a leaking pipe in the basement or a garden hose used in the backyard. Another possible reason is that there are no weep holes in the brick wall. These weep holes will allow water to drip out of the walls instead of penetrating the wall and damaging the brickwork.




When you notice damage to your brickwork, it is best to have it fixed right away by a reliable masonry company in Toronto to avoid further damage. The longer you wait to deal with it, the more time it will take to repair it, and the more money you will spend on professional services. At some point, the damage will become too severe to be fixed, so you may need to replace the brickwork instead of repairing it. It’s a lot more cost-effective to deal with the problem early on.


Red Robin Masonry offers masonry services in Toronto that you can depend on. Whether you need services for brickwork, stonework, or others, our experienced pros can handle your project efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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