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When was the last time you considered the safety of your fireplace? If you haven’t in some time, it may be time to start. If things aren’t functioning as they should, your home, family, and property could be at risk every time you light a fire. That’s why it is imperative to know the signs of chimney damage.


Here are a few common problems with chimneys and what to keep an eye out for:


  1. Cracking and Crumbling Material


If you notice cracks on your chimney and hear them making noises, especially if they’re accompanied by crumbling or falling materials, you may want to call your chimney repair specialists. These are signs the bricks or mortar are deteriorating to the point of danger. The cracks indicate inadequate support, and crumbling materials can indicate the mortar or sand is failing and isn’t doing its job of holding bricks together.


  1. Rusty Metal Components


Over time, the metal components on your fireplace and chimney, such as the damper, can rust and flake. This rust can cause problems on your fireplace’s flue and the surrounding area and cause fires to spread out of control. If you see rust or flaking or notice that your fireplace’s damper no longer moves freely, having chimney sweep professionals inspect your fireplace is a good idea.


  1. Foul Odours


If you notice a foul or unpleasant odour coming from your fireplace or hear a gurgling noise, this is likely caused by condensation inside the chimney. Condensation can build up when you’re using your fireplace and come from other sources, such as a bathroom. Seasonal heating can also cause condensation, and depending on the area in which you live; moisture can build up in the chimney and cause problems.


  1. Mould and Discoloration


If mould or mildew is growing on your fireplace or chimney, this is a sign that there’s a moisture problem. Mildew can be a precursor to fungus and moulds and isn’t something you want near your family’s breathing area. If the amount of mould and mildew is great enough for you to notice, you should have your fireplace and chimney cleaned before it leads to worse problems.


  1. Rotten Woodwork


If your woodwork around the fireplace is rotting, there’s likely a moisture issue. Dry rot is the most prevalent cause of this problem, and it can spread to the entire area surrounding your fireplace if left unchecked. If unsure, call a chimney sweep to inspect the site and have the problem professionally taken care of.


  1. Stains on the Walls and Ceiling


This is a clear sign of wood rot if you have stains on your walls and ceiling around your fireplace. The woodwork around your fireplace is usually made of softwood and can be contaminated by soot and creosote, which both tend to stain. If you notice your woodwork is stained and want to remedy the issue, try to clean the walls and ceiling with warm water and soap, and you may be able to remove the stain.




Your home, family, and property are at risk for fire all year round, especially during the winter. This is why understanding the signs of chimney damage and taking them seriously is so important. If you notice any problems listed above, you should have a chimney sweep look at your fireplace to ensure it’s functioning safely.


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Brick is one of the most durable construction materials, but even so, it can wear down over time. As such, regular maintenance and annual inspection can help it last longer. Rather than let it deteriorate further on its own, we have to keep an eye on the brick in case it starts showing signs of aging. The following blog post will talk about the implications of brick aging.


Sound Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your Brick Age


1 – It Will Cause Structural Failure


Brick, like other kinds of construction materials, has a limited lifespan. It will eventually wear down and become brittle. One of the first signs that brick is aging is that it can start cracking because of the pressure applied on the top side. When the pressure on the top side is too much for the brick to handle, it will start cracking. The worst-case scenario is that the bricks will fall because of the pressure applied on the top side. Another common symptom of brick aging is crumbling.


2 – It Will Leak Moisture


Moisture is one of the leading causes of brick deterioration. The more moisture a brick absorbs, the easier it will deteriorate. As such, the bricks need to be dried up. When it rains, make sure to cover up the bricks to protect them from moisture. In order to remove moisture from the bricks, you can plant flowers or plants around the building. Shrubs or bushes will do well too.


3 – Water Penetration Leads to Damage


Brick can get damaged over time when water reaches it. Water tends to permeate brick, and this causes it to deteriorate. Also, water can corrode mortar and rust metal reinforcements. If you notice water seeping into brick, you should get it treated as soon as possible.


4 – The Brick Paints Will Fade


Brick itself doesn’t fade, but when it’s painted brick, it can fade. Maintaining the brick paint is important since it will help the brick wash better or last longer. The paint should be cleaned often, and you can ask a professional to do it for you.


5 – Mold May Form


Mold can form pretty quickly on an aging brick. Mold usually spreads and grows on the surface of the brick, which means that the brick surface should be cleaned regularly. It can be removed with a mixture of bleach, vinegar, and water.


6 – Cracking and Brittle Walls


As brick and mortar age, the brick can start cracking, and this can be really dangerous. If a brick cracks, you should repair it as soon as possible. Cracking is a sign of the brick deteriorating, and this means that it can fall down any time soon.




Brick is one of the most common construction materials used today, especially for exterior walling, because of its strength and durability. As its name suggests, brick doesn’t easily age. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t age. Just like all structures, the brick will eventually deteriorate, especially if you don’t maintain it. This will cause major structural problems, so you should take steps to prevent it from happening.


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Advantages of Using Stonework and Masonry on Your Home Design


Masonry construction can give homeowners a lot of advantages, including making your home more structurally sound and boosting its curb appeal—and, as a result, its value. That said, they come in various forms, like stone, concrete, and bricks.


If you want to know the other advantages of using stonework and masonry for your home design, look no further than our examples below.


  1. It Enables Durability


Why stonework and masonry? Because they make your home more durable.


Stonework comes with a higher density. This means that when a lot of pressure or force is exerted on it, it won’t crumble easily or deform. It also means that the support system it needs is also more robust.


Stone masonry is not only strong but also long-lasting. Many homes in Europe are made of stone, and they still stand strong and intact after centuries.


  1. It Makes Your Home Design Inexpensive to Build


The great thing about stonework is that even if it’s sturdy, it’s still easy to build. It’s inexpensive; in fact, it’s so cheap that you can even build your home without the help of a professional if you have the knowledge and the tools.


All stonework is usually composed of various rocks, whether it’s sandstone, brick, slate or any other. If you are going to build a stonework home, you can choose to make it look like it’s made of one material when it’s actually made of several. There are some that make rock foundations that look like solid stones.


  1. It Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Home


One of the most important things that you need to consider when building a home is its curb appeal. That is to say; it needs to look nice and attractive.


Your home’s exterior design plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers to come over and take a look at it. If they like what they see, they’ll probably become instant buyers.


Adding stonework to your home’s design will make your home more appealing, not to mention that it makes it more durable and flexible. You can either make it look like a castle or a fortress, or you can make it look like a cottage with a mix of brick, wood and stone.


  1. It Is Eco-Friendly


The stonework is constructed using various types of rocks, a lot of which are naturally occurring. If you look at the world today, you’ll see that the natural environment is many people’s priority.


It’s not only because they want to protect the Earth and all living things on it, but also because they want to enjoy its beauty. The best way they can do this is by ensuring that it is as eco-friendly as possible.


What better way to do that than to use resources that are naturally found in the environment? It’s like recycling, but it’s done with rocks and stones.


  1. It Enhances Home Security


Stonework and masonry are used for home security for a couple of reasons.


First of all, it’s strong. It doesn’t easily deform under pressure and can actually last for many years. This means that it’s difficult to break into your home, which makes it difficult for thieves to enter and break your things.


Second, it makes your home look like a fortress. It’s a deterrent for any potential criminals. If criminals see that your home is made of stonework, they’ll think twice about trying to break it into.




Stonework and masonry are not only used for home design because they look great but also because they are eco-friendly, durable and security-boosting.


Because of these reasons, it’s important to know the basics of stonework and masonry so that you can construct your home the right way and get the most out of it.


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Chimneys are known to be dirty and rather tricky to clean. They can be dangerous as well if they are not taken care of well. However, you can always leave them to the professionals when it comes to cleaning and routine maintenance. If you plan to have your chimney cleaned and checked out, it’s recommended to go for professional services.


You may wonder why hiring professionals to clean your chimney is advantageous. Here are some significant reasons why it’s best to hire a professional for chimney cleaning services:


1) To Ensure the Safe Removal of Obstruction


One of the primary reasons why you should get your chimney cleaned by professionals is to ensure the removal of any obstruction that might be constraining the free flow of air up the chimney. Over time, a chimney gets blocked because of ash, soot and other residues. Furthermore, smoke will flood the room, which is unpleasant and makes breathing difficult.


Thus, hiring a professional is the right way to keep the internal parts of your chimney clean and prevent it from any damage or dangerous circumstances. Additionally, they will also ensure that there are no combustible materials near the vent in order to avoid any unwanted accidents.


2) To Prevent Costly Fires from Ensuing


When a chimney is blocked, smoke and gases cannot escape through it. This results in the smoke, gases and hot air accumulating in the room. However, the smoke can easily travel to other rooms in your home, like the kitchen and bedrooms. If the smoke gets to a high level, there is a risk of fire breaking out.


Chimney fires can lead to millions of dollars worth of property damages and can result in the loss of life. Thus, by hiring professional chimney cleaning services, you can be assured that your house and loved ones are in safe hands.


3) To Deal with Hidden Issues and Problems


Another reason to get professional chimney services is to deal with any hidden issues or problems that may exist in your chimney. Often, homeowners might have to deal with serious issues, such as flammable substances.


However, in the initial stages, it is hard even to spot the presence of such problems in the chimney. Seasoned cleaning experts are skilled at detecting the issues that the untrained eye may miss. They will identify the case early on and address it before it becomes a major concern.


4) To Attain a Better Version of the Chimney


Finally, you can hire a professional to get a better version of your chimney. A professional chimney cleaning service will suit your needs if you want to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing and efficient performance of it. They will clean and remove any dust that has formed on the side of the chimney to preserve it in pristine condition.




Hiring a professional chimney cleaning service will guarantee that your chimney is safe, clean, and well-maintained. Chimney owners don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning or keeping it in good shape yourself.


Looking for chimney repair services in Scarborough? Red Robin Masonry is Toronto’s most trusted masonry company, providing chimney work, brickwork, stonework, and much more in Ontario, CAN. Get in touch with us now!