In the construction process, parging is a vital process that is meant to coat the exterior walls of a foundation using protective cement. With this in place, your foundation will not only benefit from a protective coat of mortar, but it will also achieve an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

However, as time goes by, this mortar mix may become subject to wear and tear as your property gets older. As a result, you are more likely to see some cracks and other visible damage, causing the finish to gradually come off. For this reason, a parging repair is necessary, which doesn’t only apply to newly built homes but also existing ones.

In this article, we will share our guide to parging repair for your property’s exterior walls and how it can be done with professional parging services in Toronto.

What parging repair entails

As discussed above, parging refers to the motor mixture applied to your property’s outside walls for protection and aesthetics. This makes walls not easily prone to damages brought by the outdoor elements. In fact, it creates protective layers on the walls to ensure they last longer. On the other hand, a parging repair is exactly what it sounds like. As your parged walls get damaged over time, you need to have them fixed to restore their beauty and overall functionality.

Why parging repair is necessary

Despite the protection that parging provides, remember that these exterior walls aren’t designed to last forever. The time will come when they have some damages, especially if your property is already old. If left unattended, the impact might extend to the house floors and compromise your property’s structural integrity. This is mainly because it’s inevitable for water leaks to accumulate on worn-out walls, wooden floors, and other parts of the house. For this reason, getting a parging repair is imperative to ensure your exterior walls are in top shape and working condition.

Our parging repair guide

If you want to take on a parging repair, follow our simple and practical steps below:

How to get started

  • Get rid of the damaged parging using a cold chisel and a mallet, which will only take about an hour or so. Do not apply a new layer of parging on top of an old layer.
  • Buy cement and sand in advance and store these materials in a dry and cool place for future mixture and application. Also, set aside all the tools you may need for parging.

How to chisel away

  • Use the chisel and mallet to get rid of cracked mortar from the walls of the foundation.
  • Scrub the walls using a brush with metallic bristles to remove dust and debris.
  • Mix sand and cement in the correct ratio (one part of cement mixed with two parts of sand).
  • Add a waterproof powder into the mortar mixture to prevent water from being absorbed into the walls.
  • Once the mortar has been mixed well with a spade, use a trowel to spread it on the foundation walls.


At this point, you now have a bigger idea of what parging repair entails and how to perform it. To that end, be sure to follow the key steps outlined above to ensure that your exterior walls are completely protected, visually appealing, and will last for as long as possible! Ultimately, relying on expert workmanship is best because they have the experience and equipment to perform the job professionally and efficiently!

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Whether you live in a condominium or a house, for as long as there are brick or stone walls, at some point, you will need a mason. The same goes for commercial buildings that have walls made of either brick or stone. There are plenty of brick repair services in Toronto alone, because in Canada, the brick or stone wall structure can be significantly damaged by exposure to the elements over time.

Masonry issues can be quite damaging in general, and depending on the location and severity of the issues, there can be disastrous consequences. Extreme loss of heat, foundation problems, and water infiltration are just some of the issues that can arise, which will make your structure unsafe in the long run.

What are some warning signs of wear and tear on masonry? Here are some ways to know when it is time to get masonry services in Toronto, or wherever you are in Canada, done.

Bulging brick

Also known as bowed brick, this occurs when the outer wall caves in around a certain area, or can be seen jutting out. The most common cause for this is moisture having seeped in behind the brick. Moisture can adversely affect the wall in two ways: warping concrete and bricks, forcing them to push out, or softening wood and plaster behind the brick, rebuilding that particular section of the outer wall.

Compacted bricks

If you see a brick that seems to have lost its original shape, looking either bowed or cracked, you’ve found a compacted brick. There are several problems that arise from those, such as opening a hole wherein water can pass through. Most of all, a single compacted brick can lead to more because the adjacent bricks no longer receive the pressure they need. When you get a mason, the affected bricks will be replaced, and other recommendations will be made.

Cracks in vertical corners

There are far more troublesome foundation cracks than these, as they are generally from natural expansion. There is no need to worry about any walls collapsing. The biggest issue is that they allow water to seep in when the rains are heavy, leading to bowed brick. Left unfixed, the damage can extend from the outer wall to the inner wall. Getting a professional mason will repair it using either of the two ways, both of which are rather inexpensive.

Efflorescence and staining

Early efflorescence, which is the presence of soluble salts that are rising through concrete and coming out of the outer pores as stains, can be treated with a thorough pressure wash. Left untreated for too long, the stain converts into calcium carbonate, which a mason will have to come and treat with special chemicals.


It is important to keep an eye on your brick and stone walls as there are several signs that make professional masonry services necessary. More than anything, it is key to know when it is time to call in a professional who can nip the problem in the bud while it’s early.

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During the cold seasons, households significantly benefit from their fireplaces because they provide warmth and comfort and keep families from experiencing the drop in temperatures. If you want to guarantee your fireplace is running during autumn and winter, it’s essential to maintain the excellent condition of your fireplace.

Your chimney should be handled by a professional once a year so that they can perform the necessary cleaning procedures needed to eliminate any buildup of soot and ashes. Removing flammable particles from your chimney can prevent accidents and keep your family safe throughout the chilly mornings and evenings.

If you want to find out how to take care of your fireplace and chimney, keep reading below.   

Assess Your Fireplace For Potential Damages

You should make a habit of observing your fireplace for any noticeable cracks and loose bricks and assess the exterior of your masonry for any potential damages. For the best results, call for brick repair services right away, as managing the repairs on your own will only lead to more problems and additional expenses.

Examine Your Chimney

Your chimney has a fireplace damper that works to keep the warm air inside your home and the cold outdoor air from entering your house. You have to ensure that it’s working correctly at all times and doesn’t have anything preventing it from opening and closing as expected. Your chimney cap should also be fitted in place and contain a protective screen to prevent hindrances from slipping into your chimney.

Remove Any Obstructions

When it comes to maintaining your chimney, any obstructions you see near it will cause trouble in the future. If any tree branches have grown around your chimney, it’s best to chop them down to avoid risks of fire and damages from occurring.

Clean Ashes To Prevent Buildup

If you want to avoid being surprised at how much ash your firebox can accumulate, it will help to clean it out thoroughly at least once a week. You should also be careful when you’re doing it because coals tend to stay hot even three days later! Before you work your way around your fireplace, make sure everything is cold, so you can sweep away or vacuum the ashes without any problems.

Utilize A Heatproof Glass

If you want to learn how to save energy and reduce your electricity bills, you can invest in a heatproof glass door to improve the efficiency of your fireplace. It also works to keep sparks from the fire to end up damaging your interior, especially your floors. You can also easily clean a glass door by using a paper towel and a glass fireplace cleaning solution.

(For Brass Fireplaces) Learn To Sanitize

Brass fireplaces require maintenance too. It can be cleaned by applying a tomato-based paste on it and leaving it for an hour before washing it off with hot water mixed with soap.

You can also use a brass polish with a soft cleaning microfiber cloth, which offers the same results. Take note that you shouldn’t use any harsh material, including metal bristles and steel wool, to avoid scratching the surface of your fireplace.


If you want to have a good time during the cold seasons, it would be best to prepare your home and your fireplace so that you won’t encounter any problems. Remember to check your fireplace and chimney for potential damages, remove any obstructions, and clear up ashes. If you have the budget, you can also utilize a heatproof glass, and remember to sanitize your brass fireplace if you have one. You can also rely on chimney repair services for more complicated situations that need immediate attention.   

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Winter is fast approaching, and right now, you are probably using your fireplace more than ever. If you haven’t yet, and you plan to use it soon, today is the perfect time to do some cleaning and maintenance to ensure that you’ll get that fire roaring in the hearth. This fixture is usually what will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold months, which is why you want to make sure that it’s working optimally.

In this article, we will share six practical tips on how to maintain your fireplace:

Have Your Chimney Cleaned

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, know that this will generate more heat and smoke, causing a build-up of creosote in the fireplace flue and accelerating a chimney fire. For this reason, having your chimneys cleaned regularly at least once a year is crucial. With an expert chimney cleaner’s help, they will clean it from top to bottom to ensure it’s working fully so that the fire can be controlled effectively.

Fix Gaps In The Brick Mortar

The extreme heat that your fireplace produces will typically expand and contract the materials within. As a result, it’s natural for bits of mortar on the refractory firebricks to loosen and fall. However, this doesn’t mean you should let it be because the fire can get through the gaps and burn the structural elements of your home. This is why you must fix the mortar gaps located within the firebox using a mineral-based filler called fireplace mortar and a putty knife.

Inspect Flashings

The flashings that run between the chimney and your roof deflects water from getting inside your house. However, flashing can be torn away or folded back from birds, squirrels or falling limbs. Before you light up your fireplace, inspect your flashing and make sure that it’s intact. Otherwise, have it repaired by a professional before snow falls!

Use The Right Firewood

If you want to make the most out of your fireplace, remember that you need to use the right firewood. Otherwise, your fireplace will get dirty easily, leading to more frequent cleaning. Know that softwoods are affordable, but they burn faster and are more difficult to clean up due to the fine ash they leave behind. Instead, hardwoods like maple, oak, and birch have a more consistent and hotter burn that will reduce less effort on your end.

Clean Fireplace Bricks

No matter what you do, keep in mind that smoke will always find its way out of the firebox. Depending on how blackened the bricks are, you can clean these with mild, moderate, or strong methods. At the same time, you need to choose which cleaning method to use depending on the amount of dirt your bricks have.

Replace Fireplace Screen

If you notice embers or sparks getting to your living area, then it’s a strong indicator that you need a new fireplace screen. In case that this is not happening to you, remember that you still have the option to replace your screen if you’re craving a new look for your fireplace. Consider a glass fireplace screen to prevent smoke from escaping the firebox!


When winter rolls around, all you want to do is be warm and cozy. This is why you need to ensure that your fireplace is maintained correctly so that you get to use it with no issues at all through the cold months. If you notice any damage or cracks in your fireplace, it is best to contact professionals right away to fix them.

Have your fireplace maintained by the top provider of Toronto masonry services. Red Robin Masonry delivers excellent service and quality that you deserve from specialists in the industry. Get in touch with us today for a quote!