It’s easy to think that something as durable and straightforward as a chimney requires little-to-no maintenance, but every homeowner needs to give their masonry fireplaces some tender, love, and care regularly to ensure it’s functioning to its full potential. 


After all, they play a pivotal role in contributing to your home’s heating system, so a faulty performance can quickly turn this functional unit into a fire hazard. A poorly maintained chimney can also spark other repercussions, that’s why the list below should give a rundown on the importance of chimney maintenance to avoid the following issues: 


  1. Regular Chimney Maintenance Prevents Chimney Fires 


A faulty chimney is not something you can overlook, especially since it has a high risk of starting a deadly fire in your home. This is because the smoke from the fire can condense once it comes into contact with the cool interior walls of your chimney, resulting in a build-up of an ignitable gum-like substance. 


This can quickly catch fire that can spread across your home, which is why it’s crucial to conduct regular chimney inspections and address any problems as soon as you spot them. 


  1. Regular Chimney Maintenance Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 


A poorly-maintained chimney won’t have the right capabilities to allow fumes to escape, particularly since there is plenty of gunk that blocks the smoke from escape your home. This will release a dangerously high level of carbon monoxide into your living space, but what makes it deadly is that no one can see it. 


Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that has caused four thousand deaths a year in the US alone, that’s why it helps to invest in carbon monoxide detectors to alert you of its presence. Cleaning, repairing, and maintaining your chimney are also the best ways to prevent this hazard from spiraling out of control. 


  1. Regular Chimney Maintenance Ensures it Performs Efficiently 


Skimping out on your regular chimney inspections will not only lead to safety issues but can also compromise its performance, which means it won’t effectively heat up your space during colder months. This will force your heating system to overwork itself to make up for the loss, all of which can skyrocket your electricity bills. 


Not to mention, a chimney that fails to run efficiently can also lower their longevity, so giving them the proper maintenance they need will save you hundreds of dollars worth of repairs in the long run. 


The Bottom Line: The Importance of Maintaining and Repairing Your Chimney as Soon as Possible 

It’s tricky to determine whether your chimney is in its best condition, that’s why calling for regular chimney inspections is important since it ensures you can stay on top of any underlying issues that need to be addressed.


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Masonry builds are known for their structural integrity and longevity, primarily due to many masons’ craftsmanship and practical knowledge. The problem is, as time goes on, structures tend to become more deformed and susceptible to collapse, especially if not well-maintained. That’s why you, as a residential or commercial property owner, should be mindful of the different repairs that may affect your masonry. 

This article will discuss three common issues you can expect from your mason buildings, namely chimneys, brick walls, stone walkways, and the like. Take this as an opportunity to look after your safety, welfare, and property assets. This way, you can use your living or commercial space for a long time without having to worry about complex damages and repair costs. 

  • Displaced bricks and stones

Displacement is a serious common issue among poorly managed masonry because it can easily fall apart, endangering the people and objects around it. That’s why you need to call professional mason contractors immediately to address the issue as soon as possible. It would also be best to evacuate everything within proximity of the displaced masonry structure until it is repaired. 

The good news about mason displacement is you can do routine maintenance checks to address the minor issues before they worsen. This way, you can preserve your build during intense temperature changes, erosion caused by moisture and heat, and tremors, allowing you to account for everyone’s safety and well-being. 

  • Cracks in masonry

Unlike other damages, you can mistake cracks that need fixing for natural imperfections caused by weather conditions. You can only tell the different cracking apart if you are well-versed in masonry builds. For instance, cracked bricks with leaks often signify that you need to fix these damages. That’s why it’s often customary to have buildings inspected to ensure you can make well-informed decisions to address what has to be repaired and not. 

As such, hire a masonry contractor to guide you through your structure’s inspection, enabling you to understand better what to do to safeguard your property. You can also request your contractor to explain what you have to watch out for, like damages and natural conditions, to know how to avoid any building-related mishaps. This way, you can save money and enjoy your property! 

  • Major-to-minor leaks

You can expect leakages to appear in your masonry buildings if the general weather and temperature in your community are frigid, moist, and has many instances of rainfall or snow. Other elements you have to look out for are moss and mildew, two water-borne organisms that can further damage your masonry builds. 

Leaks can also be a sign of structural integrity issues hidden inside the structure. If you hose it down, you may also be indirectly affecting its longevity since you are introducing water to the bricks, absorbing the moisture and resulting in leaks. 

Fortunately, you can address these issues with caulk and waterproofing solutions. Just make sure that your hired contractor has significant experience with masonry to look after your structure properly after the damages are addressed. You can also request maintenance, cleaning advice, and routine inspections. 


Masonry building is a popular choice among residential and commercial properties because of its iconic style and impressive longevity. However, you can expect damages to manifest if you aren’t well-oriented on damages. Fortunately, you now know practical ideas for your guidance. Get your maintenance and repair checks done today! 

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Dealing with brick cracks may seem like a minor issue, but there may be an underlying cause that needs your immediate attention. For instance, the cracks may indicate that your masonry is about to collapse due to the uneven weight distribution. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your safety and avoid paying for costly damages. But what exactly should you do to address brick cracks? 

This article will discuss three practical tips that will help you deal with your brick masonry’s fissures, allowing you to look after your property assets as a long-term investment. Take this as an opportunity to become a more responsible property owner as you mitigate possible threats. 


Take preventative measures during the construction process

Besides addressing the immediate matter at hand, you can think of ways to avoid brick cracks during the brick and mortar construction phase. Pay attention to how the masons work to build each structure to prevent structural complications. These extra measures are called preventive maintenance in the professional construction industry. 

In brick masonry, there must be gaps between bricks placed in regular intervals, particularly ⅜ and ½ inch wide. They must be adhered to with backer rods and held together by caulk. 

Practicing these preventive maintenance measures can reduce the possibility of bricks from cracking since structural integrity with the finished masonry is particularly reinforced to prevent moisture build-up. This way, you can prevent spending more on upfront costs for repairs and maintenance solutions! 


Be mindful of discoloration

Bricks tend to become deeper in color when exposed to intense sunlight and snow for long periods. However, it can also be a sign that your brick structure is weathering away, especially if your mason didn’t specify anything about bricks naturally changing their shade over time. It is a popular aesthetic feature among many homeowners who are fans of the rustic style. 

As such, it’s highly recommended to contact a local brick mason repair service as soon as possible because discoloration is often hard to determine whether it’s an aesthetic feature or a structural issue. Additionally, don’t forget to self-inspect the brick for cracks, as seeing them may indicate a problem with the amount of water trapped inside the bricks. 


Consider brick restorations for older structures

When your brick masonry is considered a historical structure, it may be worth more to restore it than simply patch up the cracks because it may add value and intrigue to your property. You may also want to preserve it merely for the sentimental qualities it has as a history enthusiast. Whatever your motivation may be, you need to address the cracks properly and carefully. 

The best way to address brick cracks with older buildings is to call a professional masonry company that has the experience and tools necessary to preserve the structure’s aesthetic value while working to prolong its durability. Don’t forget to consider insurance, maintenance, and other related costs to keep your unique masonry standing. 



Seeing cracks within your brick masonry can be worrying, especially when you don’t know how to deal with it effectively. Fortunately, you now do and can take action immediately. So remember all the formerly mentioned tips and safeguard your property and other assets! 

Are you looking for professional brick repair services in Scarborough? We at Red Robin Masonry can provide you with that. We are your dedicated team of masonry professionals, offering you the best solutions to fix your brick cracks and other related issues. Claim your free quote today to help you make cost-effective repairs to preserve your property! 

parging services in toronto

Why Parging Is a Must for Your House

New homeowners might be perplexed as to why a fresh concrete foundation would need even more masonry. It seems like a waste of money to do the same job twice, but parging does have its benefits for any home restoration projects you have planned. If your home is situated in areas with harsh climates, there are several reasons why you may want to consider parging services for your home. 


All About Parging

Parging is a process where a thin coat of cement or mortar is applied over concrete or masonry to further refine the surface. It acts as a way to fill the imperfections of a concrete base that has been laid down to serve as the foundation of a building. Parge coats are applied to fill the pits, holes, and seams in the concrete foundation for a nicer finish.


Benefits of Parging 

There are several other benefits of parging, aside from giving the concrete a smoother surface. Here are some of the advantages that come with choosing to apply a parge coat to your foundation.



Canada undoubtedly has one of the coldest winters across the globe. Parging can help your home by providing an additional layer of protection for your foundation against the elements. It will also keep your home warm as an insulating layer. A parge coat will also keep your foundation’s structural integrity strong since it prevents water from freezing in the cracks and holes, which causes damage.


Increases Curb Appeal

When looking at a house, people won’t initially care about how good the insulation is or how strong the foundation will be. People will pass by and remark on how beautiful it looks. Houses that look good are achieved by proper construction, maintenance, and care. 

Prioritizing your home’s overall appearance and maintenance will make it more valuable in the following years should you decide to sell it. By enlisting in the right home restoration services, you can ensure that your house is protected with a layer of parging to prevent any damage from harsh elements as the season’s pass. Doing so will allow you to sell your home at a higher estimated value than you would have sold it for if it didn’t receive the proper maintenance measures. 


Repellant Against Insects and Critters

The weather isn’t the only thing that parging protects a home against. Holes and cracks in your concrete are pretty much open invitations for tiny bugs and critters that any homeowner would rather keep outside of their home. Insects and other creatures such as mice can climb in through holes in your walls that can keep growing without a protective layer on top. 

A pest infestation is something that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of and can cause even more damage to important parts of your house. A better and more cost-effective solution for the long term would be to secure protective parge coating over your surfaces to future proof against unwanted entry from bugs and critters.



Parging is more than just an extra layer on top of your concrete base. It serves a functional purpose to keep your home’s foundation protected from harsh weather, warm during cold winters, and to block any intrusive insects and other creatures from burrowing their way in. By securing your concrete surfaces early on, you can also add curb appeal to your property that will make it more valuable on the market down the line. When presented with a choice to add parge coating when building your home, the best choice would be to say yes and enjoy the benefits you reap as a result. 


Here at Red Robin Masonry, we help ease the burden of maintaining a home by providing quality masonry services in Toronto to our clients. Contact us for your parging needs, brick repair, or other masonry requirements.