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A chimney is a great feature of any home. However, should the time come that it needs to be repaired, it’s essential to know the signs to look out for. 


Here, we’ll cover some of the indicators that your chimney is due for a repair. 


The Mortar Between the Bricks Has Deteriorated


Mortar joints keep bricks from falling off your chimney. But after years of exposure to snow, ice, water, and seasonal temperature changes, the mortar can become saturated with water. 

If the mortar joints are too damaged, they might not be able to support the weight of your chimney’s bricks. Which means you could be in danger! The best thing to do is a visual check of your chimney’s mortar joints from the rooftops.


The Chimney Crown Is Damaged or Missing


A chimney crown guards against the penetration of water into the bricks, which could cause damage. It also prevents damage from weather and moisture by acting as a barrier.


Cracked or damaged chimney crowns allow water to seep into your chimney, causing many problems similar to a leaky chimney.


Additionally, a cracked crown will worsen over time, allowing pests to find their way into your chimney or home!


Water Leaking in the Chimney


If your chimney leaks, you need to plan chimney repairs. For several reasons, a leaky chimney is a big red flag for home safety. Rain entering your chimney introduces moisture to your home that you don’t want. Moisture can lead to mold, and mold can start damaging your property. Even brick won’t hold up against excessive moisture over time which can lead to significant issues.


White Stains on the Walls


The term “efflorescence” refers to a white substance that appears on the outside of your chimney. It is pretty simple to remove this staining, but cleaning it does not solve the moisture problem which causes the residue.  


The presence of white stains is a clear indication that there is excess moisture in your masonry. If moisture is not dealt with, you may experience premature deterioration of your chimney and other moisture-related problems.


Rust on Your Damper or Firebox


If rust appears on your damper or firebox, you can be sure that there is too much moisture in your chimney. You may not notice rust on the damper readily, but if it doesn’t seal well or operate correctly, it could be because it’s rusting.


If your chimney shows signs of rusting, there could be severe damage, such as cracked flue tiles. Get the help of a professional to inspect the flue lining and ensure there isn’t a breach in the chimney system, which could ultimately cause a house fire.


Spalling of Your Chimney Structure


Spalling is a problem that occurs on the outside of your chimney. You’ll know you have spalling when you see masonry bits around the structure’s bottom. Spalling happens when moisture enters masonry, which can force the surface of the brick, concrete, or stone to peel off, pop out, or flake off. To prevent continued crumbling and eventual destruction of your chimney, you must replace any damaged masonry.




When you notice the key signs mentioned above, you need to get your chimney inspected and repaired by professionals. Remember, the most important thing to remember is safety.


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Over time, the structure of a house might sag due to a variety of external factors, such as weather changes and unstable soil. This can cause serious structural problems throughout the entire house, ranging from bowing walls and drooping floors to complete foundation failure if it is not discovered and corrected.


Results of a professional foundation investigation should be a crucial part of the purchasing process for property buyers. 


Knowing how to identify foundation problems early is crucial, whether you intend to sell your house, search for a new one, or stay in your current one for many years. This will save you a lot of time, money, and hassles.


The details of your home’s foundation are covered in more detail in the sections below, along with advice on when you should call a foundation repair company.


What to Know about Foundations


Understanding how to recognize foundation problems before purchasing a home is essential so that you can address them before closing. Request a professional home inspection that covers the foundation to safeguard your investment. 


Many states, according to Trulia, demand that homeowners disclose foundation problems when selling their homes.


In order to safeguard their investment from present homeowners, buyers should request all the documentation on prior home repairs if the house has had foundation work done. 


If there are issues with the foundation, it’s important to create a strategy to fix any small issues as soon as possible in order to prevent them from becoming bigger issues. 


Even minor leaks or cracks might signal a bigger foundation issue and spread swiftly. Buyers may ask the seller for a price reduction if significant repairs are required to cover the typical cost in the neighbourhood to make them.


Things to Look Out For


Here are crucial signs to watch out for to spot foundation difficulties at their earliest stages before they worsen.


  • Cracks in columns, walls, or flooring, close to windows or doorways
  • Sticking windows and doors that are harder to open over time
  • Gaps between windows and doors that allow water or pests to enter
  • A crooked chimney
  • Bowing basement walls or sagging or slanting floors
  • A musty stench and mould, rot, or mildew growing in the basement or crawl space
  • A front or back stoop or porch that is sinking
  • Unaccounted-for water damage in various parts of the house


The stem wall of your home, which rests on top of its concrete foundation and serves as the framework for the home’s construction, is joined to other walls and floors. 


Because of this, a problem with the foundation of the house might result in floor and wall cracking and damage throughout the entire building.


Foundation Settlement


A foundation will eventually change when the earth beneath a home shrinks and becomes unstable. The contrary, known as foundation heave, happens when soil gradually rises over time, typically as a result of settlement in nearby places. 


Additionally, foundation damage can be brought on by hydrostatic pressure, flooding-related water damage, faulty pipes, or inadequate outside drainage.


The most typical foundation issues are not just a result of time. In actuality, both the weather and the soil can have a significant impact. Because of this, prospective homeowners must request a professional foundation check before making a purchase. 


Contrary to popular belief, a home’s age is not the primary predictor of any concealed foundation issues. Unfortunately, homes of all types and ages can experience foundation problems.




No matter how adept you are at spotting problems with a home’s foundation, it’s essential to rely on professionals before making a sizable new investment. You may learn what actions to take to secure your foundation and protect your house by getting a free inspection from the top foundation repair specialists in the area.


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What are 6 Common Chimney Repairs You’ll Probably Need?


There are a few different types of common chimney repairs that homeowners should be aware of. These repairs are usually necessary due to the fact that the chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause damage over time.


The following are the six most common chimney repairs that homeowners may need to deal with at some point:


  1. Creosote Buildup


One of the most common problems homeowners face with their chimneys is creosote buildup. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood, and it can accumulate on the inside of your chimney over time. If this buildup is not removed, it can eventually catch fire, which can cause serious damage to your home.


  1. Cracked Flue


Another common problem that homeowners face is a cracked flue. The flue is the part of the chimney that goes up inside your home, and it can crack over time due to the expansion and contraction that occurs as the temperature changes. A cracked flue can allow smoke and other dangerous gases to enter your home, so it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible.


  1. Damaged Flashing


The flashing is the part of the chimney that seals the area where the chimney meets the roof. Over time, the flashing can become damaged and allow water to enter your home, which can cause serious damage.


  1. Crown Rebuilds


The crown is the top part of the chimney, and it can become damaged over time. A common problem with the crown is that it can crack and allow water to enter, which can cause serious damage to your home.


  1. Unsecured Masonry


Masonry is the material that the chimney is made of, and it can become loose over time. This can be a serious problem because it can allow the chimney to collapse, which can cause serious damage to your home.


  1. Blockages


There are many things that can cause a blockage in your chimney. Some of the most common blockages include things like leaves, birds, animals, and other debris. If you have any of these blockages, you will need to have them removed before you can use your fireplace again.


How Can a Masonry Company Help With Chimney Repair?


When it comes to chimney repair, you need to make sure that you hire a masonry company to do the work for you. This is because these companies have the experience and the knowledge that is needed to properly repair your chimney. If you try to repair the chimney yourself, you could end up making the problem worse, which could end up costing you more money in the long run.


If you are in need of chimney repair, then you should contact a masonry company as soon as possible. This way, you can get the work done right away, and you can avoid having to pay for any more damage to your chimney in the future.




Chimney repair can be daunting, but keeping your chimney in good working order is important to prevent fires and other hazards. The most common chimney repairs include fixing cracks, repairing damage from weather or animals, and cleaning the chimney. With a little bit of knowledge and some elbow grease, you can easily handle these repairs yourself.


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When making a major purchase, like a home, it’s crucial to weigh all your options carefully. For some homebuyers, a brick home may be the best choice. When it comes to bricks, most people think of them as being part of a traditional home. Bricks have been used in construction for centuries and are known for their durability and resilience. If you’re considering buying a brick home, you should know a few things.


Why Homeowners Prefer Brick Homes


Brick homes have been around for centuries and are still popular for homeowners today. There are many reasons why people love brick homes, from their durability to their classic style. Here are just a few of the reasons why homeowners like brick homes:


1 – Bricks Are Durable


Brick homes are known for their durability. They’re not susceptible to rot, mold, or insect damage like other materials like wood. That means a brick home will last much longer than a home made of different materials. It can withstand high winds and other severe weather conditions better than homes made from other materials. Knowing your home is better protected in a storm can give you peace of mind.


2 – Brick Homes Require Less Maintenance


Another reason homeowners like brick homes is that they are very low maintenance. Brick homes do not require painting or staining as wood homes, and they are not as susceptible to weather damage. That means you will not have to spend as much on repairs and upkeep over the years.


3 – Brick Homes Are Energy-Efficient


Brick homes are also popular because of their energy efficiency. Brick is an excellent insulator, keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. It absorbs and retains heat better than other materials. That can translate into significant savings on your energy bills.


4 – Brick Homes Are Fire-Resistant


Brick is fire resistant, which is a vital aspect to have in a home. Brick is made from natural materials that are fused at high temperatures. It makes it much more resistant to fire than other materials like wood. In fact, brick homes are often used as fire breaks during wildfires.


5 – They Have a Classic and Timeless Look


Brick homes have a classic and timeless look that is warm and inviting. They are perfect for any home style and can easily be dressed up or down. Bricks are also very versatile and can be used in various ways.


6 – They Increase in Value over Time


Brick homes increase in value over time and are a wise investment for any homeowner. They are easy to sell and always in demand. If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient home, then a brick home may be the right choice.


Cons of Buying a Brick Home


One downside of brick homes is that they can be more expensive than other types of homes. That is because brick is a more expensive building material than wood or stucco.


Another potential downside of brick homes is that they can be challenging to repair. If a brick is damaged, it can be difficult to find a matching brick to replace it. It can be costly and time-consuming.


If you’re considering buying a brick home, weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right choice for you.




Investing in a brick home is a wise choice if you’re looking for a home that will appreciate in value and last for generations. Not only are brick homes more durable and low-maintenance than homes made of other materials, but they also have a classic beauty that never goes out of style. If you’re ready to make a long-term investment in your home, consider investing in a brick home.


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