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The Basics of Maintaining and Caring For Your Brickwork

Brick is one of the most common building materials in the world, and it can come in a variety of colours and textures. While it’s commonly used for exterior walls, it can also be used to make floors, veneers and countertops. Breaking Down the Basic Elements of Bricks It is made from clay, sand and […]

Professional Masonry Options beyond the Brick Wall

All over the world, from the pyramids of Giza to the Panama Canal, you can see evidence of masonry. Despite being one of the earliest known forms of construction, people still use masonry today. The passage of time has not rendered masonry any less relevant; in fact, the opposite is true; quality masonry is more […]

6 Signs Your Brickwork is Already Beyond Repair

6 Signs Your Brickwork is Already Beyond Repair Brickwork is crucial to the integrity of your home, but over time it can be damaged by extreme weather conditions, physical abuse, and other factors. Whether you notice cracks running along the walls or other signs of damage, it might be time to fix your brickwork before […]

6 Important Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Nothing beats a real wood-burning fireplace in the frigid fall and winter months. The crackling sound of a fireplace and the flickering flames are mesmerizing—the greatest entertainment available. The genuine deal is a wood-burning fireplace. However, unlike gas fireplaces, you must pay for that authentic feeling with frequent upkeep. Follow these guidelines to keep your […]

Chimney Maintenance 101: The Signs You Should Look Out For

Chimney Maintenance 101: The Signs You Should Look Out For By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the dirtiest parts of the house is the chimney. Most of the time, it is filled with dense soot, combustion gases, and elements. This is why it’s important to maintain them with regular cleaning and […]

5 Common Causes of Masonry Damage You Need to Know

Quality masonry work requires a lot of skill and can cost a lot of money. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it since, when done right, the product can be quite strong and durable. However, masonry work is far from invincible. Over time, masonry damage can occur which is usually caused by a number of factors. 1. […]

4 Important Factors That Affect Tuckpointing Costs

4 Important Factors That Affect Tuckpointing Costs At the beginning of the pandemic, many homeowners were doing renovations themselves. It is not surprising because we had so much time in our hands. But does this empowerment mean that we should do all house rehabilitation jobs ourselves? It does not necessarily equate to that. One of […]

How Ignoring Brick Damage Can Bring Harm to Your Building

Bricks may be a sturdy type of building material, but there are also cases where they may face damage. In the times that they do experience damage, it is important to immediately call for repair. Ignoring even the smallest of signs of brick damage could lead to a major disaster. In this article, we talk […]