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3 Common Chimney Problems and Ways to Deal with Them

A fireplace is an essential component of any house found in regions that experience frigid weather. Toronto homes, for example, typically have fireplaces built into them. If your home is the same, you likely have a chimney as well. It may not seem obvious to most, but chimneys are as important as other fixtures in […]

Tuckpointing vs. Repointing: What You Need to Know

Tuckpointing and repointing look like two of the same things, but there is a distinct difference. Like basketball and football, if you learn the basics and understand the differences between each position, all will make more sense. Let’s dive deeper into it, shall we? Mortar Breaks Down You are aware that stone and brick mortar […]

Why Fixing Bulging Bricks Should Be Your #1 Priority

Why Fixing Bulging Bricks Should Be Your #1 Priority Bulging bricks are a serious but often ignored masonry issue. The bulging often starts from moisture retention in the brick mortar joint, which gradually swells in volume. This is similar to how potholes form on the road. The problem often exacerbates after the winter months. If […]

Function and Design: What You Need to Know about Parging

One of the greatest feelings in life is finally having a home to call your own. Whether you already have a family or not, it’s one of those things that you will forever be proud of. That said, there’s a reason why getting a home of your own is one of life’s most significant achievements. […]

How to Prevent Problems in Your Home’s Brickwork

Your home must always be in top condition so that you can enjoy the comfort that it brings. If not, then your home will sustain damages, and you’ll have to spend exorbitant amounts of money. It’s even more crucial to do so if your home is made out of bricks because it will crumble if […]

A Brief Guide on Masonry: What Exactly Does a Mason Do

Not to be confused with the Freemasons, masonry is one of the oldest skilled trades in the world, dating as far back as six thousand years ago. But what exactly does a mason do? Well, this article will cover the basics you need to know about masonry. What Is a Mason? A mason is essentially […]

The Advantages of Using Stone Veneers for Your Home

When it comes to improving your home’s interior, you can never go wrong with stone! Whether it be your living room, hallway, kitchen, or backyard, stone can significantly impact the appearance of your space. Stone is a timeless element in contemporary interiors—its features make for a beautiful design that many homeowners can’t help but gravitate […]

How to Avoid Chimney Repair Scams: Helpful Tips to Follow

How to Avoid Chimney Repair Scams: Helpful Tips to Follow Chimney problems aren’t always obvious. Additionally, not all homeowners are completely knowledgeable about their chimneys. These reasons led to the growing popularity of chimney cleaning and repair scams. Scammers operate by telling homeowners they are in imminent danger of a carbon monoxide leak or other […]

5 Clear Signs That You Should Replace Your Brickwork

You may be unaware of when you should be repointing or replacing brickwork. When masonry is deteriorating, it indicates the possibility of more serious issues. But at the get-go, you must know that not every masonry is as strong as it appears. In some cases, it could be prone to failure if they’re not properly […]

4 Common Retaining Wall Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Retaining walls are often an essential part of landscaping. The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to hold soil behind it. But there can be many benefits to a retaining wall. For instance, they can improve accessibility, add value to formally unusable properties, and visually enhance a particular space. While the concept of a […]