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Home Renovation: What Happens During Foundation Repair?

It’s more common for homeowners to notice aesthetic damage, from roofing to window damage. Since they’re easier to spot, contacting contractors for repairs is done much sooner to prevent further damage. However, some signs of your home’s deterioration aren’t always in the most obvious place. For example, your home’s foundation can keep small yet potentially […]

Why You Should Consider Brick for Your Home’s Exterior

Brick is one of the most popular materials used for property exterior today. It is well-known for its timeless beauty, durability, and longevity. There are a lot of benefits you can get from using brick for your exterior, and in this post, we will discuss them.    Why Brick? Aesthetic Appeal An obvious benefit of […]

Everything You Need to Know about Masonry

Masonry is a timeless construction method that’s been used all over the world. Masonry is defined by the materials used to build a structure—usually bricks, stones, or concrete blocks connected by a cement paste called mortar. If you look at some of the oldest structures in your area, you will be able to find centuries-old […]


Why Brick Materials Are Still Best for Construction

Bricks have long been used as construction materials since ancient times, and they even date back to 7000 BC, making them one of the oldest construction materials. This is why you can still see ruins made out of bricks from the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and other civilizations erected up until now. Today, these materials are […]

Highlighting Your Home’s Foundations: Brickwork Repointing

Brickwork is a unique aesthetic addition to your home, making it a fan favourite for homeowners with rustic styles. The columns and rows of brick upon brick create an organized, yet unique formation that highlights your home’s aesthetics. However, its visual appeal isn’t free from sustaining damage over time. Sometimes, small cracks and stains can […]

All About Retaining Walls for Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is essential for any home because any issues regarding the strength of walls that keep everything in one piece can be detrimental to your safety. A house’s walls are crucial parts of the whole picture because they protect you from the elements and support the roof above your head. However, some older homes […]

Tuckpointing for Brick Structures: What You Need to Know

Did you know that there are many perks and benefits that come with installing outdoor brick walls and structures? They essentially enhance the aesthetic beauty and increase the value of your property, and they are also durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. However, they need to be properly taken care of, as they can be […]

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Do Masonry Repair on Your Own

One of the perks of owning a brick or a stone house is knowing that your home is sturdy, and it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any structural problems. Although it’s uncommon, it’s still possible that you’ll notice some cracks on your wall over the years of abuse from outdoor elements. When you do, you might […]

4 Signs Your Chimney Is in Dire Need to Be Repointed

While not a task that is done commonly, chimney repointing is a must-do for homeowners that are experiencing problems with the chimney, especially when it comes to issues with its outer parts. If you have never heard of chimney repointing before, it is a process that renews the mortar joints of your chimney, which generally […]

Chimney Cracks: What Causes Them And What You Can Do

A chimney is a wonderful thing to have, especially during the cold months. There is nothing like building a cozy fire during winter. This is why making sure that your chimney is in working order before the winter season is crucial. Chimneys are meant to last for a long time, and in general, they usually […]